M4 carbine need help

i’v started working on a low poly M4 and i started to have problems with modeling the gun body
does anybody know of any good tutorials for this type of thing ?

What problems are you having?

mostly it’s just that i’ve never done this before and don’t know how to do it
i’ve been trying to use box modeling to make it but i don’t think that’s how to do it

If you’ve never box-modeled anything before, don’t try tackling something like an M4 for your first project. Start with something simple.

I always use a profile, side view of the gun I’m working on to get all the proportions correct. This is the pic i used on the M4 I made, its a nice big pic.


Just set that as your background image and go from there. Use alot of reference pics to get the right size and dimensions.

i’ve used box modeling alot i just have never made a gun model
i’ve got good refrence and backround images
it’s just that this is the first gun i’ve modeled and i don’t know how to do it