M4 Carbine

I just finished modeling this M4 Carbine gun. I think it turned out ok, so I’m posting the renders. Have a look:
Sorry about posting the entire image, the attachment button isn’t working.
Here it is from another angle. An FPS angle to be precise.
And then I let Link have a hold.

i like it. I see no problem really. You get 4/5 from me.

Good work by the way.

Thank’s Kaos86, I spent yonks modeling it. I might post a .blend.

THAT IS SEXY!!! it dosent resemble a m4 much (my favorite weapon) besides the collapsible but stock, but it is so cool. but whats that thing jammed in the barrel?
p.s. i wished the real m4 looked like that though…

It started out as an M4, but then I decided to make it a bit different. The thing poking out of the barrel is the barrel. Th other bit is like a coat, protection type thing. Thanks for the comment NJOTC. Here’s a link to the .blend:

Cute. Of course, I think that your barrel mod means that it probably shoots a .08 round or something. :slight_smile: