M4 Receiver dont know how to model this

Hey anyone that can help me out. It’s the only part I can not figure out how do i make this.

It’s in red where im having problem with

Im a newb to blender but assuming that you are just wanting to make the tiered part at the back I would take the cylinder and use knife tool to cut the slant part and delete the left over. From there I would extrude, scale, then extrude and drag back. Repeat for each tier.
I am surprised that is the hard part of the model, I would think the insets on the stock or the holes in the barrel would provide more issue. (If you know how to do the barrel let me know please, I had a gun where I just pretended it did not have the holes in the barrel.)

Model it separately, that part is actually 2 parts.


Should i do a cylinder and then extrude it down or should I use a cylinder and then add a cube underneath it ?

That’s the easiest thing to make for me. but this part I cant get right

You might try using a boolean to cut a cylinder with another perpendicular cylinder to get that rounded edge. Then you can extrude inwards and forward to create the inset curved faces. The inner-most edge can then be extruded out to create the part of the barrel.

I thought I’d give it a shot:

Here’s my blend file:



Weird that it showed both of those images. I may as well explain the differences.

The bottom one with all the colors was my first attempt, using three separate cylinders (duplicated and scaled). The top image used only one cylinder and I extruded the modified edge inwards, then forward to continue the shaft.

The bottom one gives a more accurate shape at the bottom of the shaft, where the edge of the inner parts come to a point. In the the top image, the neds of the inner parts connect vertically with the bottom of the shaft, unlike in the picture you posted.