M4 Sherman WIP

This is a M4 Sherman US Army tank I modeled a year or so ago, and I wanted to revamp the textures on it but to do that I had to go through the model fixing some issues, uv map and set up color IDs so I could texture the model with Substance Painter. I’m almost done. I need to add some scenic elements, better lighting, check my coloring and then finalize the project yet.

Rich Garber


Are you considering about rigging this? I’m interested into tank modeling too, and i’m having trouble rigging it :confused:

Not at this time. I mostly meant my tank models to be static images. Later on I hope to animate them but it’ll be awhile.

Nice model. A good companion to your panthers.

Thanks Mark! Much appreciate it.

99.9% finished M4 project:

I’d like to add some more stowage detail onto the back.