M4 wip

I have been making this m4 high poly for the past 2 weeks or so. This had been my biggest/ most coplex model yet. Here are some progress pictures. Let me know if anything sticks out as wrong before its to late to change. Thanks.

To-do List
High Poly:
Rear Sight
Holes in buttstock
Buttstock Release
magazine hole
mag release

Low Poly:
Delete unnecessary edges/verts



hi did you use any addon for this (for example hard ops?) or this are just are modifiers like surf sub and bevel? i also made a m4a1, but this is better than mine i would said

I didn’t use any addons except some of the one’s that ship with blender. I use modifier tools but and add extra objects but none of those really pertained to the modeling. My workflow was just to use edge bevel weights along with subsurf.

ok i see well here all my model though if you wanna check them out https://gamebanana.com/members/submissions/models/1438652

Your models are impressive espcially the two pistols and the ak47. :smiley:

well the two ak47s are not mine, and the dp12 those i just uv mapped, i was currently finishing and making stuff to this beauty, this is a weapon concept

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