M41 Pulse Rifle (Aliens WiP)

The rifle from Aliens, any feedback would be nice.

Here’s one of the lower portion of the weapon.

Some things I should note; I am currently working on texturing the model, so I most likely won’t change the model itself at this point. I also don’t have textures set up for every object in the scene, so some parts are just white.

New Render

Looks good. Maybe add a little dust/use and some scratchts to it to make it more of a feel for an used gun

Thanks. yeah that’s in the plan, for now I want to finish the base textures and then I’ll move onto adding details like dust, AO, and various masks.

UPDATE: I’ve added more dust and darkened some of the spots where paint was scraped off the edges. Looks better now, I think.

Looking good! Will ypu animate it in the future?

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Possibly, at the very least I will rig it for animation. Maybe do some motion capturing and move it into the real world after it’s complete.