M41A Pulse Rifle + M240 Incinerator Unit

After rewatching the Aliens movies I couldn’t resist modeling the Pulse Rifle. But then I thought, why stop there? So I modelled the Incinerator Unit as well.

M41A Pulse Rifle

M240 Incinerator Unit

Ripleys Pulse Rifle (M41A/M240)

M41A Pulse Rifle Turntable Animation

M240 Incinerator Unit Turntable Animation

Pulse Rifle Firing Sequence

Very good work, DanielW! The models look very clean and robust, and the materials are solid. I’m impressed that you even got the ammo counter on the side, that’s impressive! How did you manage to animate that?

Haha, question number one: How the eff did you get that awesome ammo counter animated? Thanks for the answer! :smiley:

Very cool models. Brings back memories of the only time I ever watched those movies: I was four, and I was in my attic.

I was also behind a couch for most of the runtime.

Keep rocking!

Looks awesome. I’ve never watched the Alien movie, but as standalone pieces, those look really nice, and I really like the cartoonist feel to them. Keep it up!

As an alien fan I totally love this!
Perhaps you could give the pictures a noisy and blueish look just like the movie has, and give some imperfections to the materials (stains, scratches, burn marks)? I don’t know if it’s the goal or if you’re aiming at something more cartoonish, but any way this kicks ass, congrats! Also nice firing sound!

I got a job at a 3d-printing company over the summer which gave me the unique opportunity to print some of my designs. Here is the pulse rifle 3d printed at 1:4 scale. It took quite a bit of time to make the model 3d-printable but it was worth it.

Printed on a Makerbot Replicator 2 in PLA. Print time: 5 hours.
If you have a 3d-printer and would like to print one of these for yourself you can download the .stl on Thingiverse.