m4a1 ... C&C welcome

now that i can’t find my m9 file, i’m going to try to make a Colt m4a1 (or armalite m15a1, its the same thing), and i’m going to do it a realisticly as possible, here is my progress so far.

it might look a bit off proportion, but its just the angle


ive made some minor updates… yeah… thats about it.


i added a crane stock, please leave a comment on what you think, or if you have something i should change let me know.


Wow, you really have got an amazing attention for detail. I dont see any obvious flaws with it, but you are missing the pins for the trigger gaurd and I think you need to make the pins holding the lower and the upper together protrude out a bit more. Also, I cant tell if you have changed the area around the forward pin (holding the upper and the lower together) or not, but from your earlier pictures it looks a bit wrong. If you would like detailed pics, I reckon I could PM you some.

Also, could you provide renders from different angles of the gun? It makes it a bit easier to spot mistakes. And finally, word on the street is that the default background sucks so trade it out for white or black or something.

thanks for the advice

i’ve been having some minor proportional issues lately, but i think ive fixed them.
i’m almost done modelling now, but the front iron sight doesn’t quite seem right.


The front sight has more rounded edges, and yours is missing a part:

Looks great so far. I hope you do this gun justice. If you need some good references justl ook at this site (http://www.pixagogo.com/DeicideNBF), it has some excellent pictures for common modern weaponry. More specifically, http://www.pixagogo.com/0896214432. I’ll be watchign your progress but I’ve got not much to say at the moment.

Alpha Red

@blinkozo: thanks but as mentioned on the post above you i’m not quite done on the modelling part yet.

@Alpha Red: this site ROCKS! thanks for posting it

Welcome. As I work mostly on WW2 weapons I don’t really have much use for it. I usually use http://www.gunpics.net for WW2 guns. But looks excellent so far.

Alpha Red

the rifle itself is pretty much done now, just needs some adjusting, and maybe some RIS.
and then on to the elcan scope!

@aplha red: wow, you are quite a wizz at finding websites

Very very good attention to detail. I can’t wait to see what its gonna look like when its turned into what the Californian’s call an Evil Black Rifle.

Looks good, at first I was like, dang that’s a wierd looking pistol…I thought this was an m4 carbine…and then I realized that it was just part of it, lol.

only thing I see that’s wrong so far is that it’s missing the back part of the Ironsights.

@ sharper: thanks

@ tcrazy:lol.
i don’t need to make the rest of the iron sights if i put on a scope.


I have only two small crits. The heatshield looks like one solid piece instead of a seperate upper and lower half. The magazine doesn’t look like its curved right. It looks kinda angular.

You don’t get rid of the sights because of putting a scope, at least I haven’t seen it :stuck_out_tongue:
You’re just making it look NOT like the real one.

@ Sharper: ill get right on the heatshield thing. but i’m not going to change the mag anytime soon, some versions look like that.

@ B3D00: most of the time you do remove the back iron sight, unless its a normal red dot sight. just look at this picture:


If I’m not mistaken, the army does use a rifle that has fixed iron sights instead of a piccateny rail (or however its spelt). Their scopes and stuff attach directly on top of the carrying handle. But, that is an M-16, not an M-4. All M-4s use detatchable rear sights/handle on a piccateny rail.

Sorry, I though you said the back part of the iron sights.

Btw, the handle is like an m16’s, not an m4’s. The handle of the m4 is a little different, it has a rail.

Crap little rifle, fires the underpowered 5.56mm NATO round, unreliable in dusty conditions - but a very well done model!