M4A1 Carbine

I’ve finally managed to finish something. This is gameart model - screens are made with Blender GLSL Viewport.

Excellent work! I can see this being used in any FPS video game today! The textures look nice and i really like the different attachments that you added to the gun.

Wow. I agree, professionnal stuff indeed. Magpul & Eotech accessories are perfect. Congrats.

Incredible work, veti! The modeling is great, and the texturing even better. Daniel and ookka are right, this is extremely professional looking.
If I may ask, what is your texturing workflow?

Great to hear that you like it! Some new screens:

Amazing! I would like to hear your texturing workflow too! :slight_smile:

It turned out pretty nice there veti. Could this texturing work possibly include dDo?

Awesome work!

With a magpul front grip, I see.

No dDo at all.

Are we gonna see a download of this sometime?

Sadly - no. I was paid to do this model, so I have no right to upload it anywhere. I can only show some screens.

Boo Hoo :frowning: I guess I’ll scoot off to find a free gun elsewhere.

Btw good work! It looks really good, and I like the details!

Very nice, love the accessories. It looks like the bolt carrier in the ejection port needs some work, though.

nice work.

veti, all textures and maps painted in blender?

Awesome work. The textures look amazing.

No. Blender painting system is just…bad. It doesn’t support layers so it’s not an option for me. All texture done in Photoshop.

Try this Addons -> Paint -> Texture Paint Layer Manager, after you see this in N button panel :wink:

Even with this addon it’s still unusable. I’m perfectly fine with PS and I don’ see why I would like to change it to something else.