M4a1 Colt scroll down for ak

just a little thing that i did to help me learn blender http://www.antihc3.dyndns.org/fudge/colt2.jpg

C&c welcome


Yeah, all kinda cool but where’s the picture? :wink:


sorry my bandwidth was exceeded here this should work

It looks like a miniature NERF toy… was that intended, g?

Nice model. No mesh problems, and its nice and smooth. The clip seems to be part of the trigger guard, is it like that on a real gun of that type?
Meh. WHo cares. Its nice.

thanks for all your comments tho im not going to be updating it as im now working on this http://www.antihc3.dyndns.org/fudge/aktest3.jpg that is 20mins work, what i might do after that is make a gun gallery with lots of guns hehe fudge likes guns fudge been playing to much counterstrike fudge really should stop talking to his self


nice, but uve bent ur AK, :wink:

You have to be careful when making mechanical stuff with subsurf on, sometimes it will make it look cartoony, but besides that it looks good. Show us what it looks like without subsurf on please.

heres my ak http://www.antihc3.dyndns.org/fudge/ak47.jpg.jpg

looks good, but the the section behind the barrels bent


UPDATE http://www.antihc3.dyndns.org/fudge/ak47final.jpg

looking good dude, texture is strecthed across the top, other wize very nice, ak47u :P.