M4A3E8 Sherman tank, with interior

If this is a side project then I can not imagine what your main one is! Absolutely amazing detail, jaw dropping.

I’ve been trying to find an interior for this online but I haven’t gotten anything. Would you be willing to sell just part of the model? The turret and the crew area? I wouldn’t need any engine or mechanical bits or anything, and I’ll probably do a low-poly remodel but this is just amazing reference.

Amazing work! I’ve been trying to find an interior for this online as well but I found nowhere to purchase or download. Would you like to sell the model? I also only need the turret and the crew area but If the full model is the only option I am also down with that.

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This is amazing. That is all.

That’s a really neat model and well done both inside and out and inside the engine??? Was there a reason to take it that far to model even the insides of the transmission?

Hi, sorry for the late reply
I recently moved and currently don’t have access to my PC, and the laptop i use is sadly not powerfull enough to open the model. I shall be fully operational hopefully within the next month.

Please note that there are some parts of the interior missing(radio, gun stabilizer and some others), and that some other parts are perhaps not the most accurate due to the lack of high quality references.

I was quite bored due to covid and lockdowns


That’s got to be a level of boredom that defies explanation! Nevertheless, awesome model!

insane amount of detail, mate. good job!

Really like to track that kind of threads. Keep it up please!

As for the cut-aways, there is a shader exactly for it, but I don’t know if it’s up to date:

Thank you for the reply. Looking forward to seeing you back to being fully operational. Are you planning to post your work on any 3d art asset trading websites like CGTrader or TurboSquid?

Amazing work! I also want to buy a interiored Sherman For Re build a new tank in real world.If you want, you can call me anytime!


Really awesome work you did with this Sherman. I would like to ask you if you are willing to sell your model. We would like to use your work in our game. If you are interested let me know

I’m avaiable also on discord: WinteR5#0001 or by mail:
[email protected]

Kind regards,
Michał Flodrowski


If not yet, please make sure to post the final render separately, because it is awesome! It should be thaught at universities :smile:

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Unbelievable. How much time does it take until this progress?

To me, all of this just serves as mute testimony to the fact that our grandfathers served in these infernal inventions . . . may they rest in honored peace.

Nice Tip mate :slight_smile:

Complete total nuts man, that model is epic!
Got any more photos of the interior? I’d love to see more on this.

Hello Luka97. This is an amazing bit of design. Is it possible to purchase the model of the engine? I am build a 1/16 scale model of the M4A3E8 and it has engine hatches that open but nothing to put in there.

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Same here! A basic shell would be awesome!

how do you search for reference images?