M4A3E8 Tank

I am posting this because i need advice on how to make the tracks but feel free to write what i can improve besides the tracks on my model too.I am still trying to figure out what material/texture(i cant find any) to use for the tank so it looks realistic perhaps you can help(I added those materials so everything is not white).


I made the tracks.It took me some time and they look very good but i need some feedback on how to make this more realistic


That looks pretty good so far!

I think you need to change the lighting to get it to look better.

I found a few textures for the tank,tracks etc.I still need to mirror a few things or at least copy them to the other side.I changed the HDR so the light looks better but i will focus more on the lighting when the tank is done.Also i edited the turret and i still need to UV unwrap the gun and a few other objects too.


It’s always hard to get a good idea of the proportions of a model with those perspective shots. A few more images from the side would help. Right now it looks a little short/stubby. But like I said, the perspective can give a false impression.

If there’s one area that could benefit from some refinement it’s the lower front, where the drive sprockets connect to the hull. That should be rounder. The casing should also extend out enough to protect the axle and the sprocket itself.

There’s a clean seam just above that, where you’d see boltheads/rivets. So that would allow you to break the mesh into a separate piece and smooth out that front section using some sub-surf. I assume since you went with full tracks and a fair amount of detail, it’s not to be used in a game setting.

The drive sprocket needs to sit out a bit. Almost flush with the outer edge of the track.The teeth should fit in between the track links.

It’s a nice looking model so far though.

I like the update. The tracks look great with texturing.

Hi BillyA,

I follow your project with great interest, especially that I am considering taking on a similar one.
In my opinion, I agree with Macser, your tank looks very cartoony, and don’t know whereas it is meant to be like that or not.
I love the texturing and lighting work though!!! I made a great difference!!! Can you enlighten me and tell what HDR stand for?


Thank you for the amazing feedback,i also changed to filmic for color management and everything looks a lot better.it might look too bright for some people but i am still making changes to the lighting etc.I made a few changes to the tank but this is a quick update to show the difference between filmic and sRGB.HDR(High Dynamic Range) is the sky box you see in the background and it can be used for lighting a scene too.For a more detailed explanation you can watch a tutorial on youtube.btw one of the three images is with sRGB(the second, if they show up in the correct order)