M90 style camouflage

Hi All,

I’ve been trying my hand at making a camouflage material similar to swedish M90:

I’ve gotten a reasonable camouflage in the more common, blobby style, but it doesn’t quite fit the mech I’ve been modelling so any help would be amazing.

Thanks <3

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It looks nice ! :grin:

I might have been a bit vague in my post, i guess ^^’

I just pulled this from the internet, I’m more asking for help putting together a material, or at least pointers on how i’d do it :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah ! :sweat_smile: sorry, I didn’t read the bottom of your topic :laughing:
But for helping you, I don’t think I can do a lot, (because I suck for the materials XD)

But maybe there’s a python program to help you with that…

Sorry for the misunderstanding :pray:
Have a nice day

its perfectly ok, and we’re both in the same boat with materials being a weakness xP

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Well I’ve just found out that this was already asked in the past, so to find that thread, click here

I’ll also throw in my own material and the model in progress here as well since the older post used old nodes with slightly different options.

Hope someone else gets some help from here anyway :slight_smile:

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