Mabaho Pwet's Sketchbook

(Pwet) #1

Here I have another free time with Blender

Latest Render:

(Pwet) #2

Monster Hunter inspired game cave level. This is a part of the game level I am making. The game level is about the player have to find and dismantle hidden SAM and AAA guns so that helicopters can come and rescue the hostages

(Pwet) #3

Slum Building 1

Textures baked with Blender Cycles for use with game

(Pwet) #4

My first boat model

(Pwet) #5

Slum Bed

A crudely built, dirty bed filled with crap and dirt.

(Pwet) #6

Water barrel. A destructible prop for my game that explodes and wet a large portion of the area when the player hits them with explosive or scifi energy weapons.

(Pwet) #7

OshKosh L-ATV

I think the Humvees in my game are getting old so I am working on the new Humvee to replace the ones in my game.

Revision 1

(Pwet) #8

Got another free time to work on OshKosh

(Pwet) #9

At it again. Working on the front section. Trying to maintain mesh thickness for 3d printing

(Pwet) #10

Finishing Touches

(Pwet) #11

First Game Test

(Pwet) #12

modelling some sci-Fi rifles for my game

Vidar 5 - An assault rifle, machine-gun and sniper rifle combo. It has three energy pack sockets in the right side for projecting a deadly laser beam.

(Pwet) #13


Added Picatiny Rails

(Pwet) #14

Shorter version

(Pwet) #15

Uncharted Lands WIP

A special game level with lots of driving, treasure hunting and exploration. All modeled and render baked in Blender. I am currently experimenting with colors.

(Pwet) #16

Had another free time. I learned that colors plays a huge role in the realism of a game level. I did some exploration in the wilderness and snapped a few photos for ground textures and tree leaves.

And oh there is a video:

(Pwet) #17

So I learned more about blender texture painting. I learned how to use RGB color masks to combine different textures. So I painted the hills red, the ground green and some blue patches for mud. I then baked the textures in 8000 x 8000 png files. Therefore, I managed to create this nice jungle terrain.

I would go for 20,000 x 20,000 png texture files once I bought a powerful PC Where the PC version use them while the mobile versions us 8000 x 8000

Smaller misc objects such as rocks, small plants, weeds, grasses and wood shreds use 1600 x 1600 atlast maps instead of individual 8000 x 8000 texture files to save memory.

(Pwet) #18

Modeled and textured in Blender, brought to life in Unity for mobile devices since BGE does not support Android/iOS mobile devices yet. Plants models are simply made out of leaf textures I got from various texture sites and some free 3d models from cgtrader, sharecg, free3d and turbosquid.

Sky is just a series of simple skydomes with transparency. The inner dome is textured with cloud cut-outs and the outer dome is basically just a radial gradient I made using GIMP

(Pwet) #19

SW 500 Magnum before scifi modifications

I will be turning this into a Wolfenstein-styled handgun. It will be a railgun handgun and the handle will be a lot more industrial. The barrel will feature accelerator coils. It will fire plasma rounds that explode on contact and have their own rocket propulsion.