Mac Accessibility Input Issue: Speech to Text (keyboard dictation) does not work in Blender


I would like to use MacOS keyboard dictation “speech to text” capabilities to input information into fields in Blender. Sadly, blender does not work with wonderful tool.

Does anyone one of your good people know if there is a way to do use the built in keyboard dictation of the Macintosh Operating System?

(using pen as my input device)

  • select object in Object Mode
  • Right click (pen button set to right click)
  • select from dropdown list “Rename Active Object…”

This is the point I would like to use Speech to text input to Rename Active Object. <<

There are other areas of Blender that could benefit from Apples keyboard dictation technology.

Any input ( pun intended) would be much appreciated and could have a side benefit of helping people with Accessibility issues ( …and that is a Win - Win for the Blender Community).

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