Mac book pro , pc mouse feels slow when short distances.

Hi , i have a mac book pro, and i have bought a regular pc mouse (20 euros ) , but when i am doing things slow, in short distances , it really doesnt feels like inpc , it feels likeinaccurate.

When i move from one corner of the screen to the other , its ok , but when its like small distances on screen it like slws down andits unconfortable.

Any experiences ?

thanx !

you can change the settings for most moeses to faster or slower tracking speeds in the system prefrences. my pc mouse felt weird at first, but i changed the settings and its okay now.

I’ve found PC mice dont work well on my macbook unibody. :frowning: Might want to get a mighty mouse, otherwise play with the acceleration settings.

I don’t know if this changed with leopard or snow leopard, but for tiger I think this is just the standard way how mice on a mac work. I hated it too, so i tried USB overdrive as a third party mouse driver, that allows for a lot more customizability. If it’s a Logitech mouse you might also try their drivers (my MX400 had osx drivers). Appart from that, I don’t know any other solution. OSX is not nice to people who like to customize, so I went back to using Windows most of the time (yes, also on my Macbook Pro).


there is great discussion on the net about the so called ‘acceleration curves’ of the Mac OSX.

It is really annoying i think. One solution is a small programm called ‘Steer Mouse’. When installed it gives your mouse the accuracy back, that you are used to on your PC.

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