Mac Cable Modem Problem

We just got cable installed at my house, and I have no idea how to set up our mac OSXs on the internet. Any help?

Step 1. plug it in.

That is all. :slight_smile:

Seriously, if you have cable broadband, that’s pretty much all you do. You should have a cable modem with an ethernet port. Get an RJ45 cable and plug it into your ethernet port. In System prefs, under network, the dot to the left of the ethernet item should be green if all is well.

If it’s yellow, it means your ethernet is connected ok but your isp is probably down. If it’s red then there’s something else wrong. It’s usually just red when it’s unplugged.

If it’s yellow, go to show built-in ethernet - the second dialog down. It’s set at Network Status by default. Make sure configure IPv4 is set to Using DHCP and if it wasn’t, click apply after you change it. The whole thing should set up by itself.

If this is not working, make sure that your isp don’t make you add specific MAC (nothing to do with Mac) hardware adresses when you connect more machine to your broadband. I used to have to do that and you have to wait a few days before it enables. These days I can connect as many machines as I like but maybe some ISPs still have that policy.

Also try resetting your modem. If it’s in a router, it shouldn’t matter.

Thanks. Yesterday I plugged it in, but it didn’t work until I called the provider, and he typed something in on his end. Then it worked. But our Macs won’t work with the switch we bought, while our PC does. Provider’s tech support said to contact a Mac place.

That’s odd. Routers/network switches usually aren’t machine specific. I bought a cheap one from a PC store and it works fine. There are no system requirements on them. I think the support guy you talked to just wanted an easy way to pass you on to someone else. I’ve come across support people like that.

I take it you are using a router and not a hub? Some people confuse the two because they look similar.

I’m using a little blue box made by linksys and it says “DSL/Cable Router”,
but it’s technically a switch, because it’s got 4 holes for output, and it’s not wireless. I’m not real experienced with broadband, so I don’t even know what the problem can be.


the thing is that all of the systems that switches and routers run on are not OS dependent, in fact they are definitely more likely to be compatable with unix or linux or osx because that is what all of those systems where designed on.

check your dhcp settings. that is what it uses to automatically get all of its settings. if that is not working you may have to put in a few variables by yourself. i don’t know osx, but I am sure there is a place for lan settings. go to your switch’s ip (check your manual, may be or something like that) and see if you can get any info off of its little website. put that into your settings on the mac.

but if the switch is set up right then it should work automagically.
did you check your cables?

Which computer did you first connect to broadband with? You may need have the router clone that computer’s Media Access Control number (MAC). It can get confusing when talking about MAC addresses and Apple computers. So from this point forward MAC means your ethernet card’s unquie ID signature and the computer will be called “an Apple Computer”.

Media Access Control is a unquie number assigned to “identify” that ethernet or wireless card. Most HSI providers will link your account’s access to the MAC address of the first computer you use to activate that account. So any other ethernet/wifi card can’t connect.

To solve this go into your router settings with first computer you used to activate the internet account. There should be an option to “clone MAC address”. Do so. Now it should change the ID to whatever that ethernet card’s MAC address is.

Now so long as your DHCP settings are correct, you should be able to access the internet from any other PC or Apple computer in the house.

I had the same thing happen. My now ex-fiancee got cable and used her Sony desktop to set up the account. Took me a day to figure out why my iBook couldn’t connect and finally I read a newsgroup somewhere with the info I needed.

I finally called our provider, and found out the problem. We just had to unplug everything, and restart all the computers, now it’s working fine!
Thanks for all the replies, anyhow.

I think it’s wrong to have to be using macs. They’re so bad. I don’t like them.