Mac console delay

This problem has been annoying me since I started using python on my mac, but for some reason I’ve never made any threads on it.

On my mac (os X leopard) any errors or prints to the console can take up to 15 minutes to actually show in the console window, apparently depending on how large the console file is so far. On windows the dos window that opens with Blender is very prompt, but scripting on Mac in Blender is nigh-on impossible when I have to wait so long just to see where in my script the error is. Normally I just boot intow windows and go on my merry way, but there are some issues that only show up on Mac, and debugging those is a pain- and besides, it’d be nice to be able to work in the game engine using Mac OS, on my mac computer- as nice as Windows is, it just wasn’t the intended OS for this machine.

Does anyone know some way to get the console to stop lagging so far behind, or just have an alternate way to view Blender debug errors? I’ve even tried actually opening the file it prints to, but after a session of errors printing to that file, it becomes so large that it can take quite some time for text edit to reload it.

i will have the only one solution. install linux on your machines :smiley: