Mac contextual menus not there...

It has been quite a few months since I have used Blender… I just downloaded the new version the other day and loaded it up on my computer but I cant get contextual menus to work… If I option click nothing shows up. I think they are there but they are just invisible because if I option click between two windows (where you normally get the option to split and join) and then option tab to go to another program, then drag the second applications window over where the menu normally would be the windows drop shadow seems to force it to draw the menu.
Is there anywhere I should report this as a bug?

There is an opengl bug in the latest osx that effects blender as well as other programs. I don’t have a mac myself but if you search the forum for osx you might see if there is a fix or not.


Are you using Tiger or panther? I have panther, and have never experienced what you are talking about. Do make sure, however, that no other GL elements are drawn on your blender window. (like the dock, floating clock, widgets, etc).