Mac File Browser Very Slow [solved]

I saw a previous thread (now closed) that had this problem – that one was solved by installing a new version. In my case it was slow in 2.66 and remains very slow in 2.68. If i hit the open on a file browse button right after opening a blend, it comes right up. A few seconds later it will take so long i have to go away and come back again before i can browse for a file.

Are there any caches or temp files that blender relies on that might be causing this?

I did some more thorough testing and think the problem started around 2.65. In 2.64 and before the file browser dialog pops right open whenever i click on a browse button. With 2.65 and later it takes around 60 seconds for the browser to open. Interestingly, 2.66 seems to have slightly different behavior – the first time i click the button it takes 60 seconds, if i click the button again within a few seconds it pops right open. the other 2.65+ versions available take about 60 seconds every time i try to open the dialog.

I gave up on Blender and my mac a while ago. Let me STRESS through no fault of Blender! I have a Mac 27" late 2010 with 16 gig, but cycles was pretty much useless due to the CPU rendering times. I knew I wanted to use cycles and it was just impossible on the mac. I bought myself a monster gaming PC with a nvidia card and Blender flies. I know that doesn’t help you at all… Anyway, I have never experienced the file open issue you seem to be dealing with. What mac do you have?

try: in finder cmd+shift+g and paste ~/Library/Application Support/Blender
rename the 2.68 folder to something else like 2.68_save
open Blender 2.68, and say no for import previous settings on start screen

bashi – thanks so much! that appears to have sorted my problem out completely. its odd, because i thought i had scrubbed all the blender preference files before i reinstalled. that one must have been left around.

place 57 – i am running a macbook pro late 2012, quad core i7 w/ 16 gb RAM its actually quite a nice blender machine for modeling and building stuff. For rendering, i have a quad core i7 windows desktop, 12 gb ram and 2 NVIDIA cards. it renders about twice as fast as my laptop on the CPU. i havent benchmarked the new blender release for windows yet, but based on the 30% claim it might be even faster now. i just dump my blends onto the windows machine and let them take their time rendering.

it is really strange that this helped, however. When i do an ls -la on the contents of both directories and their subdirectories they are almost identical. i wonder why that actually fixed it.

ugh the problem came back. deleting that directory didn’t help this morning. hopefully someone else has an idea.

With the excellent assistance of the Blender programmers at the bug tracker i sorted out my problem. I had a system bookmark in my finder that was causing network timeouts. Once I removed the system bookmark Blender became immediately responsive. In my case, i had a bad bookmark to the Network.