mac G5 vs blender... problems...

Hey everyone…

I recently bought a Dual 2.7 GHz PowerPc G5…
And i loved it until it came to downloading blender… i download the file fine, unzip the files onto my mac… i double click the cool little blender icon and well then nothing happens. No freeze, No crash… just nothing.

Anyways ive been seeing alot of people having trouble with G5’s on various forums and thought maybe someone here is experiencing the same problem or no anything about whats wrong.

Any help would be much appreciated as i really love blender and want to get creating some cool shit. :slight_smile:

either install the python 2.4 version and download python 2.4

or install the python 2.3 version of blender.

Ill give it a go and let you know what happens.

just downloaded 2.36… works like a dream. thanks alot.

he was referring to the python 2.3 version of blender 2.41 (or for the future, just install python 2.4 from