Mac Gimp Wacom

Is there any way to get The Gimp to detect a wacom tablet on the mac?

I’m getting a Mac on Monday
hopefully I can help you then :slight_smile:

I think you have to compile it with a certain driver. Personally I would just get Photoshop Elements 6, which comes out in a few days:

You can’t beat $90 for an app that powerful as well as the fact it runs natively and not under X11 like the Gimp does.

One thing you can try is Seashore, which is native and based on the Gimp and I think it has wacom support. So I guess you could use the two if you need the extra features of the Gimp.

  1. File >>> Preferences

  2. Input Devices(not the sub category " Input Controllers")
    2.1) Configure Extended Input Devices

3)now you shall have opened this dialog showed in the image:

You can detect it, but pressure sensitivity is not supported by apple’s version of X11. I doubt it ever will be. I actually boot into Ubuntu just to texture things. There are other programs like Seascape, that will work with your tablet, but they severely lack the features you’re used to in Gimp.

On Mac, for instance, Inkscape has the same problem.

FYI, Adobe Photoshop Elements is included with any tablet from Wacom’s Intuos series. It is version 4. Kind of strange they don’t offer 6 yet. Although that doesn’t help you if you’ve already bought a different one. Photoshop is the best software for painting with a tablet (and Ps Elements has the same brush features as regular Ps).

The biggest problem with PS Elements (win or mac) is the lack of Alpha support. Yes it’s features are better and some abilities are better than Gimp, some features that Elements has that the Gimp still doesn’t have (adjustment layers, etc). Unfortunately for me, for now, I use PS E and Gimp back and forth as needed. I plan on purchasing Photoshop soon though, most likely an older version from ebay. I’ve tried wacom support in Gimp for linux and Mac … no success (besides in windows). But I do love my tablet comapred to a mouse for almost all things (Autocad isn’t very fast with a tablet, and havering over something to get a tooltip is tough for me as I shake a little…)