Mac Hot Keys in Edit Mode?

Hey folks,
I am embarking on learning Blender and I am on a Mac and the resources for Mac hot keys is scarce. Most of the Windows hot keys translate fine (Control=Command etc…) but in Edit Mode selecting a single vertex is not working. Face and Edge are a bit kludgy as well. Anyone know the hot keys for these selection tools? Also any resources for Blender specifically for Mac would be much appreciated. It’s definitely slowing down the learning process having to constantly figure out the Mac equivalent hot keys.

but in Edit Mode selecting a single vertex is not working. Face and Edge are a bit kludgy as well.
In what way, rmb select is the same in all OSs

I use a mac and I don’t have any specific problems with the hotkeys vs running blender on windows. Can you give specific examples. What do you mean by ‘Mac equivalent’ ?

Thanks for the response. By Mac equivalent I mean the Mac key equivalents to the Windows.
I rebooted a started fresh this morning and select tools seem to be jiving now. I can select a vertex, edge and face using Shift + Option + Right Click (which I thought was the combo for selecting a loop?) Now having an issue selecting a loop. The key combos don’t seem to be working. I’m sure it’s something stupid I am doing.

I think User Preferences might be the culprit as well. The tutorials I am running through instruct me to use the Maya Presets in the User Prefs. This switches up Left and Right click. Still unable to select a stupid loop though! I feel noobish. It’s an awful feeling.

Then I’d recommend you forget those and use some decent tutorials instead (are you using tutorials from cannedmushrooms?). Learn to use the defaults until you’re able to decide for yourself how you want to change shortcuts.

It is actually cannedmushrooms who suggests to use the Maya User Prefs for Inputs. Ha! I moved on from him and am now doing the Tufts iTunes U course. It’s actually a better fit for me learning-wise.
Thanks for all your help!

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