Mac Keyboard

This is my first solo finished picture apart from following tutorials

It’s not much, I want to thank the community and all the tutorial makers, they did a very good job to share and give me a chance to learn 3d modeling.

thanks guys you made blender fun and powerfull

Any comments and critique is appreciated


Looking down at my own MBP (2010) keyboard, I can see the letters are too big. And looking over at my friend’s wireless keyboard for his iMac, I can see that the keys should be white. I don’t know which model you’re doing though, and I’m not familiar with all the models.

Other than that, looks good, (Y).

I think It looks quite nice, I have to agree with the fact that the letters are a little big, but not too big, just looks like a keyboard specially made with large letters, I think It looks really good though. On another note involving Mac keyboards, does anyone know how to render images with a Mac keyboard using Mac and using Windows? It has been frustrating me for a while, I only know the render animation shortcut for a Mac keyboard.

Assuming you’re using Blender Internal/Blender Render, you press the button to preview you work, and then press F3. And on a Mac keyboard, due to the hotkeys, you’ll need to press fn+F3. …At least I think it’s F3, I don’t tend to remember the exact numbers very well.
Also, and I’m not sure if this is applicable for 2.5 onwards, but nonetheless:

yeah, you’r right, the black key is somewhat hybrid with mbp and iMac. I don’t like the white keys, I change it to mbp color theme.
And the letters is tooooo big, thanks for pointing out