Mac: M1 and Blender

Well, it was fun while it lasted. :slight_smile:
Metal aside, I still can’t believe how well Blender runs on my M1 Mini. (The ARM version of Blender of course)


Are you seeing any performance improvements with the 3.0 beta?

Eevee viewport playback seems to be faster. I never use Eevee for animation viewport playback beyond testing but I had a file up the other day and had Eevee running when I hit play and thought to myself, ”Wow I’ve never seen Eevee FPS that high.”
Could have been just a light weight file though, as I was in the middle of work and I didn’t stop and try it in 2.93.

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Same here, except I’m on a Macbook Air M1. A joy to use.

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Hello, guys! I’m using old iMac 2013 i7 and going to upgrade it to M1X. I like to do physical simulations in Blender and wonder how new Mac will perform compared to my current Mac. Can some kind owners of M1 do some basic sims with smoke, mantaflow or maybe FlipFluid (if you have it)? Maybe just Quick Smoke or Quick Liquid assigned to Susane? 100 frames, resolution 200-300. Or maybe you know better ways to compare pefrormance of my old Mac to new M1? Thank you!

mac mini, 8 GB Ram, M1. 200 x 200 px, 250 frames, quick liquid, cycles, cpu = 2 Min

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Is this how long took simulation itself or rendering? I’m interested in simulation/baking process. I’m making isometric scene with water and 500 frames sim shows me 10 days baking )))))


But wait before you buy. Blender is not yet optimised for the M1. Every Linux PC with a Nividia card currently burns the M1 away. That is the current state.

For simulations get as much as ram as possible (you can work with just 8gb but you better get 16 gb)

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Can you bake that scene with 200-300 domain resolution please? I don’t want linux or pc, because I also do sound production and mixing with logic pro for 20 years and some other stuff and have everything orgsnized. I think I would be happy with m1x/m2 )

40 Min. :slight_smile:

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What domain resolution? 200? 300? Sorry for taking your 40 mins of time.

The resolution is 200.

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Hardware raytracing in M1x/M2?

I’m wondering if there is anyone here (or knows someone) proficient and interested in raytracing and Apple Metal coding who would be interested in payed work on creation of a commercial version of Metal Cycles, presumably available in the Apple Store. If so, please contact me by private message.

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All these you tubers making click-baity BS videos based on nothing more than some rumors they read on

As much as I enjoy watching those videos from time to time, and I have a soft spot for Luke Miani’s stuff, it’s been the dry season for Apple products and all these dudes might as well go on summer break until Apple wakes up again.


Yes, I know. However, I hadn’t heard rumours of hardware raytracing in Apple processors before. It’s a bit odd that Apple doesn’t support hardware raytracing on RX6x00 cards and this is one of the reasons why I thought that that it is too early for RT in the M1x and M2.
But possibly maybe…?

yes indeed who knows….


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