Mac: M1 and Blender

Hardware raytracing in M1x/M2?

I’m wondering if there is anyone here (or knows someone) proficient and interested in raytracing and Apple Metal coding who would be interested in payed work on creation of a commercial version of Metal Cycles, presumably available in the Apple Store. If so, please contact me by private message.

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All these you tubers making click-baity BS videos based on nothing more than some rumors they read on

As much as I enjoy watching those videos from time to time, and I have a soft spot for Luke Miani’s stuff, it’s been the dry season for Apple products and all these dudes might as well go on summer break until Apple wakes up again.


Yes, I know. However, I hadn’t heard rumours of hardware raytracing in Apple processors before. It’s a bit odd that Apple doesn’t support hardware raytracing on RX6x00 cards and this is one of the reasons why I thought that that it is too early for RT in the M1x and M2.
But possibly maybe…?

yes indeed who knows….


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[i foundation this News very interesting

yes but they still want used an RTX 3060 so :man_shrugging:

To me it sound more like we ported the drivers to run on an ARM system.

someone at the upbge server tested upbge / the game engine on m1 and it worked but we had to do some stuff for 2d filters (youle fixed it!)

so it appears you can make games for mac m1 with upbge

I know a lot of us don’t use Adobe anymore, but it’s just another industry program like many that has made an M1 ARM native app and is seeing incredible gains. “80% faster… :open_mouth:


Yeah they updated all the important ones now I just need an apple silicon machine at work :wink:


Hmmh, Blender BIM AddOn not M1 ready ?
What a waste :slight_smile:
(Not compiled for Darwin … )

I wasn’t successful on Windows either for some time.
but have to try the newer python Alphas …

What’s BIM?

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It is for Architects and Engineers.
BIM = Building Information Modeling.

So not just dead 3D Geometry but instead also loaded
with all kind of Data by standardized IFC Tags.
E.g. this scaled Cube is defined as a Slab or a Wall,
has these Dimensions, is made from these Materials, …
Or this Geometry is defined as a Window and defined as
a Window in a Wall, attached as a child to its parent Wall.

*.ifc is the open standard format for BIM exchange between
different Apps.

Ah super cool!

This seems quite interesting: if I understand it correctly it could soften or even erase the borders between NVIDIA-specific GPU processing and other GPUs, opening possibilities for macOS 3D tools.

As I understand the Blender license you would need to make Metal Cycles free for people to use if it used code from Blender itself. I think Cycles-X gets around this by making the source code open source. They charge for the compiled version though. With other render engines they get around the Blender restriction by making a plugin that then lets their plugin work with Blender. None of Blender is then included in their actual render engine code. I think Octane made the plugin run forever on 1 gpu because the Blender license makes them offer the plugin working for free. If you want more gpus working with Blender you have to pay Octane. Blender license says it has to be free in some way so 1 gpu working is it working for free. I’m not a lawyer though. Got to talk with one if you want to be sure about any of this or ways around it.

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I didn’t realize Valve has had such a commanding voice in the development of Vulcan and MoltenVK. I also wouldn’t have guessed that Apple engineers worked with steam to get some AAA titles to Beta run on M1 Macs through Vulcan.

This video is pretty informative with a lot of research even if not completely correct.


Cycles is Apache licensed and can be used for closed commercial projects.

Octane addon and custom Blender build are GPL, but they communicate with Octane via network port, so Octanerender itself is not subject to any Blender license terms.

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Why do cycles e exists?