Mac: M1 and Blender

I wouldn’t be surprised if the M1 actually blows away Ryzen 5000 in single thread performance. Its multicore could be very good, but more threads will always win so Ryzen 5950X is preferable.

True the more cores and threads are going to be the better option for those task. But besides rendering, most task preformed in Blender are single thread.

I don’t have my M1 Mini yet so I couldn’t say. But give both a go and let us know.


Yeah, I am unsure when I will recieve mine as well… Really excited to import my work to it and have 2 computers to render with. The Blender community is awesome and people really seem to enjoy the 3D graphics so can’t wait to get going on this new system.

Yea it could be really interesting to see general modeling and veiwport performance.

Did you go for the 16gb Ram? Not sure if I should go for that one or 512 internal storage.

I opted for the 16GB and 512


true it would be peace of cake but for them it would not make sense. not defending them but it is smart development. they focus on what they think will benefit the most / work the most.

vulcan can still be offered by 3rd party if they are interested.

Lets be fair this is also common with many others. MS surface products for example.

so sure? the M1 an entry level SoC already beats some good intel CPUs and not some Intel Celerons.

Even PC makes today agree on that the current technology is just a bottle neck.

In a year or two I am curious what Apple then has for the mid and pro range.
It wont be just an M1+


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Well for what it’s worth:

My main workstation is a threadripper with 64 cores, 128gb ram and a 2080ti.

I owned pretty much every macbook pro apple made over the years and ended up returning or selling them because I never felt like the performance was there to justify the price. Most recently I bought a fully loaded mbp 16" and it was complete garbage with blender and everything else. It also got hotter than the surface of the sun while doing anything remotely intensive.

I have been using the new m1 mbp with 16gb ram and I am extremely impressed so far. Tried out both the m1 native blender and the current one from the website and both run fast with the native one noticeably snappier. I have already done 4k blackmagic raw editing on davinci on this laptop. It is fast and has battery that lasts forever.

I am extremely excited to see the desktop versions of this cpu in next years imacs.


Please let us know your experience once you’ve received it. I’d love to read that.

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Optimally, Vulkan is a driver with direct access to the underlying hardware. On Mac, this can only be done by Apple. MoltenVK is such a 3rd party solution, but it has to use Metal internally which is clearly not optimal.

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i am very sure about the performance/price ratio. :slight_smile: and i just find the rest a bit overhyped. i don’t have an overview about all benchmarks but i have seen one benchmark where performance was about the same per core as with an amd ryzen 5000. the ryzen is on 7nm while the M1 is on 5nm! i don’t think apple will be on 3nm next year.

it for sure is the nicest mobile chip though!

i also don’t buy the nonsense that on apple 16gb is kind of like 32gb on a x86 pc because apple has some kind of magic memory managment. so suddenly blender or davinci or something would use less ram?

yes, i am curious about that too. like i said, i like the M1 and i like that the x86 monoculture gets reduced a bit.

that’s only true to a certain degree. with apple the walled garden is on a different level even compared to nvidia.

I’ve been running the native alpha version all weekend with no issues. Which doesn’t mean there won’t be any, but in general it seems solid - I had only one crash.

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How does M1 macos vs x86 Linux compare?

So that person did not use the latest version of blender? I wondered if that person had tried rendering with eevee? I am not convinced that guy had tried or tested everything. It seems like a isolated case of blender crashing on Mac m1?

Do you use Apple Motion?
Could you try a Tree Creature Eevee scene ( – frame rate and animation time?

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Ah yes, Apple Motion, another +1 regarding a possible return to Mac. Much better than AE.

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So, the Tree Creature. Workbench/Eevee plays at 3-4 fps, also depending on viewport size. Switching to solid shading yields a much more interactive 14-17 fps.

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Thank you for sharing your experience! :slight_smile:
I was reading this and your earlier posts and maybe I misunderstood: when you write about 3-4fps it is playing the animation, right?
When doing modeling and uv shading does viewport run smooth on single frame?
I am doing some testing right now on may 2012 mini (16gb ram + SSD) and it handles even huge files like the barbershop (8M polygons) without lag in solid shading. Of course in wireframe it struggle at 2-3fps…
Could you confirm that the M1 handle those demo files without problem on the M1?