Mac: M1 and Blender

Even if 0451 is just an AI,
there may be real people behind programming it.

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Yeah, but they’re making the AI, not the SSGI, so they don’t count or something. IDK. TTYL.

I’m fairly new to Blender and in need of a new computer (waiting until the M1X). What is your rendering workflow with Blender and M1? Do people try to stay in Blender or do you use third party rendering tools? And what are your struggles with Blender and M1?

For single frame images I use my M1 Mini, it may take a little longer than a 3090 but snack and potty breaks are a needed thing. :grin:

For animations I use Amazon servers. I wouldn’t try to render animations on a single 3090 even if I had one.

Others here have set up home render farms connected to their M1, I’m really wanting to do something similar when I can afford it.

As for non-rendering task in Blender, I think you’ll really love the M1X when it comes out. My M1 Mini has been a delight to work with in Blender, when using the native ARM builds.


Not tomorrow apparently!

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Yeah, tomorrow is the new iPhone launch. I think fall is the timeframe for the M1X 16” MBP and Mini announcement.

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Some promising infos from Jules Urbach (yes, I know this guy loves promises):

„brigade will be coming to Metal / Octane X 2022 . First time I tried Photon Tracing kernel was using Octane X 2022 on my M1 Macbook Air! It’s also the first time I tested a major new feature on metal before the cuda version. I love the Mac”

„I am pretty bullish on the long term potential of Apple Silicon. The OB per Watt (even without RTX) is the highest I’ve tested”

More at:


So probably 2024? They seem to be running about 2 years behind what they promise.

A15 55% faster graphics than A14:

This equates to over 40% more graphics core performance (4 cores in iP12 vs 5 cores in iP13).

I didn’t think it was possible, but I look forward to the new Macs with even more anticipation. I collect money in the piggy bank, but I promised myself I’d wait for the first in-depth reviews.


Thanks for that bit of info/update.
It has actually opened a rabbit hole of things to try for me, Radeon ProRender, USD Hydra and now quite interested in Octane now… they seem to have made it quite easy for Mac users: free, standalone through the Mac AppStore, for Mac Pro buyers they get a full year the real deal, etc.

I actually use Unity a lot (way more than Blender), they have a plug-in for it, would be interesting to see what sort of previews could make with it.

I currently don’t have a M1, but it sure is nice to see some shops like RedShift, OTOY, AMD giving it a complete go at it. Heck, on one site they even have some iPhone 12’s A14 benchmarks for Octane Bench.

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Interesting, I hadn’t considered a GPU power increase when talking about the new M1x (or whatever they call it).

So a 16 or 32 core GPU Mac Mini Pro could increase the GPU capability of those machines compared to the current 8-core GPU’s more than just by a core-number factor? This implies that effectively a 16-core GPU Mac Mini Pro with new M1x processing would be more than twice as fast as an 8-core M1 GPU Mac Mini.

I hope for a MacBook with 32 graphic cores. There would be a chance to accelerate graphics by 5-6 times. I love my MacBook Air but let’s face it: it is entry level cute machine. Much more power is highly desirable.

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If I get that right, M1 is A14 tech while iPhone 13 Max has a newer A15.
Normally M1X would still be A14 tech, but more cores.
A15 tech should be called M2 then (?)

If Apple jumps instead of usual A14 for M1X directly to A15 tech,
which could be with chip shortages and delays,
I think it will be called M2 + M2X.
But more likely the MBPs will get M1X, so no GPU jump beside
core multiplication and M2 for next Mini and M2X for large iMac
early next year (?)

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yes the M2 will be based on the A15 and from the first benchmarks I am guessing this.

As fas as single core performance goes.

A14 + 10% = M1 = A15

so M2 = A15 + 10%?

Ah yes, right.

Didn’t know “BA Crew” stood for “Bash America Crew” :sweat_smile:

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