Mac: M1 and Blender

Truth to that. People always ask me why I hunker around with older Mac hardware or why I dont have an apple watch - my main answer is they got enough money already.

But well Apple is responsible to their share holders so is MS. MS does not give their OS away for free. Consider the monopoly they even have on the office.

They unofficially kinda do though. Windows 10 trial is essentially perpetual now, you won’t lose access to your computer after the official trial period ends. No outright need to register a key.

Just remember that if something is free then you likely are the product.

However it is a couple of years that Intel is taking hits in the stomach without defending too much …
Do you believe that Intel will let market hegemony be stolen after so many years?
In my opinion no, in my opinion all this “relative silence” without anything really innovative, hides that they are preparing something very incisive …
In my opinion they are preparing to dominate the new decade with something really impactful … they just discovered a little the cards with the OneAPI at the software level … to prepare the ground for their new hardware …

I’m sure people said that about IBM a couple of decades ago.

Nokia called.


so you say that in all these years intel is not preparing a new innovation strategy and will simply end up like nokia did? :thinking:

Yes. Intel has no strategy. Nokia was the same. They had 90% of all the phones. Then they had 80% and so on. Three years later they were gone. No one likes a brand if they offer something the other brand can do better.

M1 and AMD are slaying Intel.


Add Blackberry and other companies.

I worked for Nokia and I can tell you why they failed and my contacts from Blackberry state the same.

Actually managers sub managed the companies to death.
They ignored the warnings given from below and to keep their job played save to their boss till it was too late. (That is actually why I kinda laugh when people say that businessmen would be better politicians)

Say what you want about Steve Jobs or Musk - those guys knew/know how to lead.
Ton is the same here.


Easier said than done, the fact that Intel has achieved “lifestyle” status among gamers mean they might be around long enough to actually turn around. I do not know if Nokia ever achieved such a status among a userbase that large.

What gamers say regarding…

Ryzen 1 - Intel is king
Ryzen+ - Intel is still king
Ryzen 2 - Getting close, but Intel is still king
Ryzen 3 - Intel will be the king again in April (as Rocket Lake is widely expected to at least have a small lead in gaming).

If Intel gets even further behind when Ryzen 4 comes out, many gamers will still stick with Intel because “AMD made Bulldozer” or something, I don’t know if that will be the excuse though assuming Ryzen 4 actually is another big leap. This is good for Intel because some gamers are of the type that buy a new high-end rig every time a new processor drops.

i don’t know, i am not so convinced that intel will end up like nokia or blackberry, let’s not forget that intel has been in the market since the 70’s …
I don’t think they’ll throw in the towel so easily.

That said, I can’t wait for NVIDIA to bring out one of its Arm-based SoCs but that will pump 3D and A.I. capabilities to the extreme…
power and energy efficiency…

I would not be surprised at all if I soon saw one of the famous versions of Windows for ARM, with directx, opengl and vulkan pumped well by NVIDIA acceleration all in one SoC … with games and applications backward compatible to windows x86 through emulation… this would be a nice leap.

Neither Windows, Autodesk or Intel etc. got that big and powerful
because of having the best products. More are they well known
for documented bad and anti competitive behavior.
Intel at least had some good products every now and then.

Intel does not only earn (still much) money by Desktop and Server
CPUs. They are involved in other product industries.
Nevertheless they e.g. sold their 5G or mobile connection chip part
to Apple. I am not sure what Intel, beside CPU and integrated GPU,
holds still for profitable industries.
And I also would not deny that Intel has the resources to bring
a big step in CPU power again in a few years. But I would not bet.

But there is a “too big to fail” logic and for now they are still making
lots of profit, for whatever reasons, although people like us would
think that doesn’t make any sense.

I am all for AMD over Intel, AMD over Nvdia for several reasons.
But with getting market share and success, AMD prices raised too
in comparison.
Better we have 2 or more producers at a competitive level.
Currently it works for GPUs but if Intel is really doomed at one point,
we would just get an AMD cartel instead.

And it is nice that Apple brings some fresh wind into the game.
Basically I am convinced that Apple has the better and more logical
approach and only Apple has the power and options to push that
direction, but I hope that the PC market finds adequate answers.

Intel vs AMD is not like NOKIA vs Apple

Amd and intel both make cpus

Nokia and blackberry fully slept and felt secure with their dumb phones and then came Apple and Google and blew them to oblivion with the smartphone concept

Apple and Google set the new standard for single OS and app stores which both Nokia Blackberry overslept

I reckon OneAPI is Intel’s response to RISC-V, more so than Apple’s M1, which was still under wraps when OneAPI was announced…

This is very exciting! Currently I use both. Once all the softwares that I use are optimized, I am definitely considering to go back to mac. I love how user friendly their OS is.


Per the recent Steam survey, AMD is slowly making inroads even among the hardcore gamer bunch.

AMD Ryzen chips making strides in PC gaming adoption according to Steam survey »

intel won’t die so quickly. it is huge (10x bigger than amd - in the past they just let amd live because of antitrust issues) and does a lot of different things, not just x86 cpus. also… if nobody wants x86 anymore they can switch to another instruction set too. :slight_smile:

Interesting article:

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Yeah that is what still irritates me with win10 - it is needlessly complex and at times chaotic.

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@Midphase I don’t know why I didn’t think of this earlier but the BMD Video Assist will record your screen to an SD card without a performance penalty. I’m assuming you have access to one?

I have a few 5” models laying around so I plugged one into the HDMI port on my mini, mirrored my main monitor, and tested if I got any frame drops while recording animation playback, and everything worked perfect.

I’m going to record some of my animation workflow and post a video after the first of the year… moving to a new apartment.

I know I already said this, but I’m not kidding when I say the ARM64 version of Blender and the M1 Mac Mini gave a huge performance bump for my animation work.


I don’t have the BMD video assist, but it’s a clever idea. Been thinking of getting one at some point in conjunction with a Sigma fp camera.