Mac: M1 and Blender

Somebody get this guy to come and help out with Cycles for Metal!

Nokia had smart phones a significant time before apple even got into that game, they just didn’t market them properly. Even though they had an awesome smart phone(n800, n810 & n900) with a fully fledged linux OS(“maemo”), it was too expensive and not pushed enough for wider adoption followed by nokia betting on Symbian instead. They kept promising to completely rewrite it and modernize it but failed to deliver on that too.

By the time they came back around to reconsider linux(in cooperation with intel they were working on “MeeGo”) it was already too late.

Didn’t help that Microsoft planted one of their own people as the next Nokia CEO who then proceeded to kill off the linux project and move towards only using windows phone on every one of their future products. Then when those products didn’t sufficiently pick up user-base majority of relevant Nokia IP was sold off to Microsoft.

This whole s*itshow should have lead to some kind of court-case IMHO but hey, that’s the world we live in.

Hi, does anybody test Octane X for Blender on M1 Big Sur?
Free trial:
I guess I will never buy any Apple hardware but I am very interested in new hardware for all platforms.

Cheers, mib

PR7 (Server and Blender) version is not ready for M1 yet. Octane X Server even does not work.
Octane X Standalone PR7 is Intel app however it works nice on M1 Mac.

Ah, I guessed “Experimental M1 Support” meant nativ Arm support and " Octane X™ Prime for Blender™ Updated 2020-12-17" published in the shop should be working, at least.

Thanks for the info, mib

Hi Felix true they worked on it - but they did not focus on it.
Thats what I said with managed to death.

In London I was working with a team on a fully 3D mesh based animated system.

Is anyone using the native blender build at the moment, does rendering work?

Under rosetta performance is a bit slow but it works fine, however the native build crashes whenever I hit render, my project is using cycles (cpu) and adaptive sampling if that matters

on further inspection it seems like openimagedenoise isn’t working, ill try it without it.

Hi Experts.
I’m new to 3D industry but bought M1 Macbook Air for other reason and interested in Blender.
I read through all the above discussions and tested Cycle rendering as well.
I watched youtube vids and seems like one of BMW benchmark scored around 300 secs, but also found article that GPU (RTX3070) resulted around 20 secs.

I know it might be just common sense for you guys, but I want to know if above comparison is fair baseline? What I meant is, should I purchase GPU installed PC if I wanted to speed up rendering time?

Basicaly yes.

Unfortunetly nvidia eGPU is not an option for macs as of now and there are no hopes for future.
And Apple does not have or even support nvidia cards, and AMD ones base on OpenCL that Apple deprecated and [email protected] is not being worked on as of now.

But there is alternative of using render farms.


Thank you for your response. I’m new to Blender and was unsure if my understanding is correct.
I’m glad to hear that and will consider buying GPU.

Hi !
Moreover you should be aware that Mac M1 does not currently support eGPU, and, if everything I read is right, there will not be official support at all…

Actually M1 MacBooks does support eGPU now - partially. I mean the graphic cards are detected and sends the image to the monitor however there is no acceleration – the drivers are not finished yet.

Yep ! I saw articles about this but I also read others referring to the fact that Apple’s project was to create machines powerful enough to not need any external devices… and then not offer the possibility to use any. But the future will talk :slight_smile:

I converted my cycles project to eevee and even though it looks a bit worse, its a much better experience. It uses the gpu and temps/fans are much much lower, I would recommend doing the same if you don’t mind the loss in visual fidelity

But as they said above, I would go with a windows laptop if you require a gpu. The g14 and razer blade are quite good options

GPU in M1 is amazing for light daily work, even for small animations project however it is far from being “powerful enough to not need any external devices”. It is Apple’s marketing talk. I hope they fully unlock eGPU for M1 machines with finished drivers.

Especially for someone starting, using a CPU to render will be more than good enough. the RTX 3070 time of 20 seconds is the best there is but 3D artists have been getting by on rendering with CPUs or slower GPUs for decades. Your machine should be good enough to get some really nice 3D done. For larger renders, you are probably better off doing them on a desktop computer.