Mac: M1 and Blender

I also think that Blender was better with my RTX 20270 than now with
my RX6800.

But I often had problems with my Linux rolling releases,
like Tumbleweed often upgrading the kernel 2 weeks before updating
NVidias proprietary Drivers … therefore I wanted to switch to AMD
for some time.

The the irony is that after switching to the AMD card, ElementaryOS
is basically in extended VAG Mode for now and I mostly lost my Manjaro
installation which boots into a black screen with 5.10 kernel and even
I can’t see a TTY. Still TTY in 5.4 (?) LTS and I do upgrade each time
a stable arrives for weeks but still no boot into KDE.
So I basically lost 2 of 3 Linux for which I switched to AMD GPU.

But I think all that proprietary Intel and Nvidia stuff is still commonly better
supported and superior to open source - even on open source Software.

what could that mistake be ?

Maybe that I first did a Viewport Render and it already compiled Shaders ?
Maybe I changed some settings and accidentally saved the Classroom File ?

Could be that you changed some settings… anyway as you can see the Blender Open data shows that the median render time for 1164 benchmarks is 4’ 21"

I will download and try again.

But are there any typical Mac supported (Eevee) scenes recommended
for benchmarking ?

I never really got my beloved Barcelona Pavilion to work,
now flower textures on water and such things …

OK, you were right.

I see Classroom defaults to Cycles CPU. New Results :
3950X : 04:31
M1 : 13:29

Which is only a factor of 3 times,
So I can sleep peacefully …

And PC set to GPU Render, is faster than CPU (02:42)

Now my life is completly in balance again …

Thanks for your hint @Ozu

:slight_smile: :+1:

Any news on the M1 2.92 build?

Isn’t the first official build going to be 2.93?

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Ah my fault yes it is I forgot !

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Hello, Stephan! With 2.92 released, are you still planning on a 2.92 build? And I gotta admit, I’m REALLY wanting to test that 2.93 build with Embree/OIDN and Neon support too! :slight_smile: Thank you for all your hard work!


For the first time in about three years I feel excited about Macs again, and about Blender’s future on macOS. Thanks @skw for your work, much appreciated. I’m keeping a close eye on the developments, and aim to return to macOS in the course of this year.


M1 rendering is very slow, and I made the mistake of using denoting for an animation I was rendering. Took 11-12 minutes for each frame, out of a 1000 frames. I did 150 samples, and I added OpenImageDenoise. It was a water simulation. At this time, I didn’t know that OpenEXR was a dumb idea and pointless to use, and so I rendered them as OpenEXR’s. The file size is ridiculous. 80MB on average for each photo. I rendered 314 frames before I stopped the render. I’ve decided I’m building a new PC in a few months. I’m desperately wanting the native version of Blender for M1. I would show you one the results of the render, but OpenEXR file size exceeds the limit.
Edit: Oh, and I found almost no image sharing website supports EXR. What a smart guy I am…

OpenEXR files being large is not exclusive to MacOS, the point of OpenEXR is to have a high quality image with all of your render layers, render pass/AOV information, and deep color intact (for compositing and film purposes). Use something like the new exposure node and you will see why it is preferable for this case compared to traditional 32 bit color formats.

When you are done, you would probably convert your .exr images or animation to a 32 bit format for sharing purposes (which Blender can do).

Amazing. Did you really think a child’s bicycle would be suitable for carrying bags of cement?

I’ve seen it done before.


The issue is that open image denoise is single threaded, and needs to wait for the surrounding tiles to finish rendering before it can denoise the image. You can use a smaller tile size, as well as adaptive sampling (tune values to your liking) to greatly speed up the cycles rendering time, a 1080p render took about 3-4 minutes for me, it might be a little blurrier though since your using fewer samples

You can also use eevee to greatly improve times if you don’t mind the loss in visual fidelity

The gap between Eevee and Cycles is a lot smaller lately. :slight_smile:
I really hope someone can build a Mac version of the SSGI fork, it really makes it harder to tell the two renders apart.


Definitely! I was surprised with the results when I was rendering a few frames earlier. Theres definitely still a noticeable difference, especially with shadows and reflections, but with a few changes its pretty close

And for like 8x the performance improvement, I’m definitely fine with the hit in quality

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What I was expecting was somewhat decent performance. Anyway, it doesn’t matter. I’m building new PC in a few months. It’s all I’ve ever wanted.

The M1 is a pretty impressive tool for what it is

But the M1 man is the entry level device not a pro grade workstation!!!

Quite many video mid range people are actually cool with it

But for rendering 3D just needs top line cpus or gpu and there the M1 is an IPad …

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