Mac: M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max and Blender

I am pretty sure that these DR5 Sticks will not get nearly as hot
as my “8 - 240-pin PC2-5300 (667MHz) DDR2 ECC fully-buffered DIMM (FB-DIMM)”
in my Mac Pro 2.1.
At least when running with standard voltages.

It is just that those gaming DIMMs look like having large Heatsinks,
which are in large parts often plastic, and if metal, non finned.

I start my PC for this …
You can really feel that it gets warmer.
Especially when Rendering.

But the Cintiq 27" that I use a Monitor for M1 Mini
also eats 70 or 150 (?) Watts for room heating.

E-Cycles vs Cyclex X denoiser

Anybody has experience with E or K Cycles and their denoiser?

Are they that much better ?

Those cheese grater cases have really good air circulation design.

Just not above the RAM Cover und AMD 4870X in my MP 2.1 case,
which grilled my north bridge (?) after 4 years.

While not gpu related but interesting non the less


Why you gotta diss my waifu RAM, brah?

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So if you guys remember I had posted some Dirt Rally comparisons showing the m1 pro 16in vs the rtx 3070 in my zephyrus laptop…both tested using ultra settings and 2560x1600 resolution. The m1 pro averaged 86fps to the rtx 3070 which averaged 81fps.
Well the 14in m1 max just takes it to another level…averaged 121fps!

(ill be doing some blender specific tests soon…but overall viewport playback is similar to the m1 pro videos I have posted, we will probably see much greater difference when the GPU is fully utilized)


Nice!!! :metal:t2:


M1 Mini needs 18 minutes for a scene of mine with Blender 3.0
The HP PC with Blender 3.0 and Nvidia 2080 Super 2 minutes.

Still the PC is 9 times faster :-D. With metal I guess then about 9 minutes with the M1. That would then be acceptable for the price. The M1 Max Macs will then most likely need only 1 minute for the scene. That would then be a reason to buy. :smiley:

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How long it takes your HP PC to render your scene using CPU only? What CPU is in your HP PC?

The HP PC has an i7-8700, 3.2 GHz, 6 cores.

Render test with the CPU now takes 19 minutes. However, you can hear the fans then. :-). M1 wins with the CPU.

The M1 is clearly better for body and mind. :smiley:


at this point I think apple is understanding that there is no way back.

for video and graphic design heck even photogrammetry the M1 chip architecture proved to be amazing.

just not competing with CUDA at high end levels.

but I am sure after seeing all that was released that they will have something for 3d rendering on the works too.


We could say, though, that Watt vs Watt it does compete against CUDA.
If the people behind render farms would swap the same amount of “watts used” today in RTX cards nodes with the equivalent watt usage of M1Maxes GPUs then it would be a serious contender. Not only that, if the whole system is taken into account besides the GPU, my guess is that it is possible to achieve the same work output today with a whole lot less power needed.

A good test case for that will be Mac Mini Pros if/when they come out as they don’t have too much secondary peripherals to handle like screen, battery management, etc


M1 devices are nearly silent.
Macbook Pros now are clearly audible already.

I hope the Mini Pro will stay silent.

My PC is basically silent (for a PC) in idle but you can still hear it
and it already distracts silent Music.
I’m in a silent non urban environment now, so I even meanwhile
hear my Trash Can.
No problem with my M1 Mini - I wan’t to keep that silence.


I recently read that my other CAD will not get a native M1 version soon.
Because their licensed Modeling Core, which announced M1 compatibility
in January, delayed it until November 2022.
(and that you can’t mix native with Intel only code)

Well it runs quite ok via Rosetta2.
Beside the general culprits for the Mac Version.
Maybe just the M1 RAM limit that makes it laggy at a certain complexity.

And Redshift (here in Vectorworks) on Windows does run CPU only
on my AMD GPU, also without denoising.
(While it would run on an Intel Mac with AMD !?)

Looks like I shot in my knee with my “exotic” machine configurations …

So I’ve decided which machine I intend to get. To keep it under 3 grand, I’ve had to do some tweaking, and make a few sacrifices, but I’ve landed on the 14" M1 Max 24 core, 32GB RAM, and 512GB SSD for $2899. If things go according to plan, I’ll be picking it up this February.

I would go for the 16", but I figured that if I ever intended to take it out, I’d want a little more portability. For the most part, it’ll spend most of its time sitting on my desk.


The noise in our Universiry render farm room is nice :wink:

True for performance per watt the M1s deliver

For peak gpu performance that’s different

The pc laptop in the last test was also quite cheaper while louder

Similar price difference I think will be with desktop versions.

I needed to turn off one gpu when doing photogrammetry on the macpro and dang what a sound / noise difference.

I will be very curious about that I should get the 16” M1Pro in a week.

I don’t have an M1 mini to compare but only an air :wink:

If they make an M1 Max duo mini with about the same noise level as the trashcan I will consider that :slight_smile:

While the trashcan is quite slow and old by today’s standards it has a nice “noise floor”.

with all the drama it was a well-engineered system.

Isnt the m1 macmini equal to the m1 air?