Mac: M1, M2 - M3? *Blender 3.5 Stable!*

Somewhat unrelated, what keyboard do you use one your Mac ?

I am curious as I am using the Apple keyboard with the numpad, it is ok but could be better.

That’s all I use since ever

Nothing else

There is however a blender keyboard :wink:

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Haha there really is who knew.

Dis you mean this one?

I am curious as it is difficult to find an Mac mechanical keyboard with a numpad it seems, very limited choices.

What makes it worse is try to get a non US layout :wink:

I find the logitech Mx keyboard quite nice too.
I use at work and a lot cheaper than the apple one.

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Says it uses MoltenVK though.

Bought it but have not tried it but see no way to contact developer, or get updates.

He’s quite active on these forums:

I am probably picking it up as well in the next couple of days.


Hi, there’s a support email address on your receipt, and I always send emails to all customers every time I release an update. You should have received 3 update emails this week. Can you tell me where you bought it and the email address where you received the receipt. I’ll check with the Gumroad/Blender Market if you aren’t receiving the emails :+1:

If you haven’t been receiving the emails, then you can check you have the latest version by visiting the store’s download section. Currently 2.0.7



When I see these 2-minute Paper videos, I’m immediately thinking of those Neural Engine cores on the new Macs and wondering if they would be able to be put to good use for these types of render techniques.


I’m missing something because I received the email re the 2.07 update but there was no link to download the update, and have not found the download section.

Where did you buy it from? If it was the Blender Market, then you can visit your download page. If it was Gumroad then it will be in your library if you’re logged in, or if you bought it as a guest, then on your receipt there’s a ‘View Content’ button, pressing that will take you to your files.

If you’ve lost the receipt, then let me know the email address you would have received the receipt at, and I’ll resend it.

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OK, the receipt should do it. Thanks.

no worries, thanks for the purchase. Enjoy :+1:

12.3.1 is out might fix the issues some of you have with external displays :slight_smile:

This update fixes the following issues:

  • USB-C or Thunderbolt external display does not turn on when connected to Mac mini (2018) as a second display
  • Bluetooth devices, such as game controllers, may disconnect from your Mac after playing audio through some Beats headphones

And for the one that have been holding of it might be good news too.

Does this fix the GPU issues people have been having with AMD 5000 and 6000 series cards (performance was halved in 12.3)
Yes it does, 6900XT working like it did before!


April 1st joke but it’s funny.


After using it for a bit 12.3.1 seems good fixes some Photoshop display bugs for me on the M1 :slight_smile:

Not sure if it is my head playing tricks one me, but it feels more fluid too.

I wonder if it changes something for Blender but I did not check that yet.


Yes kinda is, I expected it to be Geforce now at least it would be portable then :wink:

You guys probably already knew this, but I didn’t. :slightly_smiling_face:


Too bad it doesn’t work for Blender though, since it uses its own file management for Finder operations. One of my many gripes with Blender. I wish it would at least offer a user-option for a Native Finder like Houdini does (which also has its pros and cons).


blender’s file dialog does in fact implement essentially the same thing. type / for the root list, ~/ for the home folder, and // for the path relative to the blend file if its been saved.

that said, I’m with you on blender’s file dialog needing some more love or a native OS option. it is WAY too easy to accidentally overwrite something. it desperately needs a confirm overwrite, at least as an option.

my brain misses the red highlight too often - not to mention the navigation of folders and performing the actual save is the exact same click / return key input, so a bit of disk lag causing you to accidentally click an extra time because you thought the first click didn’t register… file overwritten.

another macOS integration beef I have is that blender’s window management is really wonky. about 50% of the time, with no clear cause that I can identify, blender launches with its window in a deselected state. visually the shading on the top bar is your only clue, and you can in fact tumble the viewport in this deselected state, but then other inputs won’t work, and more infuriatingly, you can’t seem to just click the window to make it active. you have to click away and then click back onto the window.


I have an M1 13 inch MacBook Pro. Eevee has a lot of lag trying to tumble around in the viewport on the default cube. There is about a half second delay whenever I do anything. (I’m on the latest 3.1.2 arm build. Intel build is the same.)

Is this true for all M1 Macs? Can someone with a more powerful M1 MacBook see if the also have the viewport delay in Eevee?

I’m on masOS Monetary. (*edit:I see my spelling mistake and I’m keeping it.)