Mac: M2 Ultra - *VR (Part 1)

That’s why I think it is about time to present the 27+" iMac
very soon after the MBPs.

To make people see it in comparison with current PCs.
To also make visible that it may be still behind in numbers
but that you can do still impressing stuff in native Mac Apps.

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eevee is not very good at using a GPUs resources, I often run 2 - 10 instances to utilize my 3090 I can get over 50FPS doing this.

If you do graphic design even the current M1 mac is just enough. Why have a personal room heater ?
I feel seriously for everything that is not gaming, movie cutting or 3d rendering we reached in general a technology speed that is fine.

I found it interesting how in Russia they start to use a home grown ARM based PC in governmental offices. I always was asking myself why govs who use word processing and spreadsheet throw money towards Microsoft and intel anyway …

Graphic capability matter for graphic design in high resolution material like in 30000px for external publicity.
Now if you are making posters for the football team might be enough.

Because they have been here for a long time - in computer industry calendar- and have financial and humane resources muscle to fix anything that occurs.

This has been a big issue for me in the past with Blender because Cycles/Eevee requires the entire render buffer in video memory and the most video memory I could get was 11G. Finally was able to get a 3090 recently and the first thing I did was render a 12ft 300dpi image which was 43200 pixels wide and worked great. I believe they’re addressing this in Cycles X with the tile stuff so it won’t require so much video memory in the future.

Does the M1 share all its memory with the video chip so you can render these kinds of huge images in current Blender versions?

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The M1 has unified memory between the CPU and GPU, it’s one of the things that makes it as fast as it is.
It also has some magic going on with its swap memory that doesn’t really penalize performance or limits what size files you can render.
I have the 16GB mini and can easily render 30GB files I’m working on, in Eevee and Cycles.

I resized all textures to 2K in this image and it was still over 30GB, the poly count is pretty big too.
I have tons of little lights and was able to make needed adjustments to the lighting with very little delay on a 4K monitor.


Here’s a basic explanation of the M1’s unified memory.

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This was surprising. Native ARM build of Steam.
I’m not much of a gamer but I figured Steam would just leave its app as Rosetta compliant and let Mac users live with the penalties that are associated with that. As the video explains, those penalties are greater when dealing with a launcher than just an app running through Rosetta 2.

Is this a sign that Steam see a lot of users switching, or coming on board, because “maybe” now M1X, M2, etc. will be more than capable of handling AAA titles with high settings, even though they still won’t approach what the highest end of PC are capable of? Which I would guess is also just a small percentage of Steam users just like Mac users.

This is interesting and bears some testing on my end. My main workstation currently has an 8gb 5700XT GPU. I wonder if I could push it so that EEVEE wouldn’t render on it, and then test it on my Mac Book Air and see if it can?

How would I go about building a scene that really pushes the GPU memory?

Just start adding a bunch of assets with 4K textures, Daz characters are pretty heavy; I have 9 in the above scene, each with their own textures, along with all the other stuff lying around.

A test scene doesn’t need to have a coherent layout as it’s just for testing. Decide if you want to add HDRi and how many lights to tax the system. Save it, cause you can always go back to it later to check progress and bench with it.

Sorry, can’t share the above scene. :slight_smile:

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Well that is a somewhat condescending / limited view and GD is not only about making large a scale images either.

True - but things change workers retire new employees come - platforms can be updated - knowledge can be transferred.

Writing in MS Word or Libre Office isn’t that different.

Obviously there is much more to transition but it is possible - fact however is now MS constantly tried to torpedo that. Logically for their own interest.

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I agree, beside that it isn’t quite true the previous commenter’s statement:

For those that don’t have time: it’s a demonstration of affinity designer, 600K vector objects, M1 MacBook Air connected to a 5K display while basically having real-time behavior. The performance improvements is all around all platforms but it doesn’t show if there’s any benefit between them… affinity guys have been great bringing all sorts of updates and enhancements through all platforms


I miss Affinity Designer SO MUCH!

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I wonder if you may be wasting some time and effort. For wide format commercial print (banners, billboards etc. anything bigger than say A0) it is common to work up the design to 300dpi at 25% of finish size.

In my experience, few commercial printers keep their computer hardware up to date, so RIPs tend to be old and slow. Processing 12ft at 300dpi can take considerable time, it would probably end up getting downsampled.

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Yeah, it’s more like 150dpi for what I’ve seen when printing large stuff for real but I was just excited to throw something big at it and see it work. It wasn’t actually going to be used. :slight_smile:

If anyone about GD and do not specify what meant then it includes all GD work.
If the M1 hardware can work much better than typical shared memory then i have to give them praise.

You are in a corporate or government function, that was the case presented with responsability for hundreds or thousands. You want a thing to work and also having muscle to repair anything that can occur from some glitch to more serious like hacking. In that jungle there are no excuses, results is what matter. I use Libreoffice in my home and haven’t touch Office for years, you can be sure that i would be knocking at Microsoft door if i was head of a IT department in a serious position and not getting some Libreoffice consulting firm which would still be dependent in what Libreoffice puts out.

Where do you see Windows 10 as lagging behind? I recently tried Windows again after a long time and was quite surprised at how polished it felt. Parts of Mac OS just felt out of date when going back in comparison.

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My opinion on Windows 10? It’s a perfectly stable OS. I’ve never had many problems out of it.

…it’s UX, on the other hand, leaves a lot to be desired. It feels like a hodgepodge of three different versions of Windows cobbled together into this Frankensteinian beast. There’s very little consistency in Microsoft world, from their OS to their own apps. Everything looks and feels different depending on what you’re doing, or what you’re using, and, well, it’s kinda janky.

It’s why I consider Windows a workhorse OS. Yeah, it’ll get the job done, but it won’t be pretty doing it.


There’s one thing I find consistent: The “Ribbon” panels they introduced some odd years ago in Office first I believe. It’s there on outlook, OneNote, PPT, Windows Explorer, etc… and it’s consistent in keeping its users lost on where things ought or might be. “Is the line tool in the Draw panel?” Maybe but not so fast! I have seen the panel completely missing if I’m doing something else or even things about “drawing” on the View or somewhere else instead.


Inconsistent, Win3.11 dialogs everywhere, need to install basic things that are
just there in macOS, need to care about driver updates and more software
updates than on Mac, Spaces vs virtual Desktops, Preview vs Plugins, Finder
vs Explorer, unwanted Bloatware, Eula, obtrusive (Telemetry, MS Account, …)
color picker, user rights/no rights management, …
and a few general UI/UX experiences.
Generally inconsistent and unnecessarily complicated.

But I would prefer the graphic UI of Windows. I like sharp Edges.
(OK, lost again with Win 11)
But that is valid only for the parts of Windows that are already updated.