Mac Magic Mouse track pad & changing key shortcuts.

Hi all.
I find myself in need of a new mouse.
Has anybody used either a Mac Magic pad or Magic Mouse with Blender?
The middle/third mouse button is the sticking point I think.

I’m having a lot of problems with carpel tunnel and mouse acceleration.
The cursor is too fast or too slow for a lot of the things I do so I was looking at going back to Mac hardware.

Also, has anybody reconfigured their quick keys to coincide with Illustrator or Photoshop?
Switching from one program to the next on the fly is very unwieldy with Blender.

Is there a magnifying glass in Blender instead of using the scroll whell to zoom in and out?
I’d like to be able to hold the space bar down in order to move scroll up/down/left/right instead of the shift key.

Thanks in advance.