Mac Mini M1

I just bought a new Mac Mini M1. I also have an older iMac 27”. Just finished a render test on both machines.
I created a 3D render of my living room and rendered the exact same Blender file on both my iMac and the new Mac Mini with the M1 chip.

iMac render time: 13 minutes 58 seconds.
Mac Mini M1: 6 minutes 57 seconds.

Almost twice as fast. Wow :open_mouth:. Plus if EVEE would always crash on my iMac but the Mac Mini can handle EVEE now as well.

Saw you post about Blender on MacMini. Have you tried anything with Blender 3.1B

Hi Tom… sorry for the late response to your query. I have not tried 3.1B yet. Since 3.0 seems to be running quite well I don’t see a need to upgrade to 3.1B yet. I usually wait until it has been several upgrades before I do. But so far though the MAC MINI M1 has performed very well using Blender 3.0

Is the 16 ram really enough? or does one really need 32 ram?
I’m in the process of upgrading from a mini of 8 ram, which is just ok for animations, but not enough for physics.
It’s either a new mini or an extra $1000 for a new studio. With inflation and a brutal recession coming, I just don’t know. I’m in Canada, and the taxes here are crazy high and getting worse every week.
Hate to get a mini to find in 6 months I have buyers remorse, if you know what I mean.
(been on a mac for 30 years, so anything else is out)

16GB is great, but more RAM is always better. Nice thing about the M series chips from Apple is that the RAM is unified between the CPU and GPU so 16GB of RAM also means true 16 GB of VRAM without the “share” penalty.

Don’t buy a Mini right now. The new Mini/Minis are rumored to drop anytime now, possibly next month at WWDC.

Rumored Mini upgrades are:
M2 chip with more CPU cores and more GPU cores
Double Ram at 32GB
New body design

Hope it stays at the $700-$800 price tag that it is now, cause the current mini is one of the best price vs performance machines out there.

Secondary Rumor:
Mini Pro with posable M2 Pro chip or M1 Pro chip

Thanks for the great info.

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