Mac Mouse Problem with Blender 2.58

Running a MacBook Pro, OS 10.6.8.

Using the middle key (scroll wheel click) on my mouse running Blender 2.49 seems fine. ALT-scroll wheel click&drag allows me to orbit the view as expected.

The tutorial says that the corresponding command with Blender 2.58 is simply scroll wheel click&drag. Unfortunately, this activates the Mac’s Dashboard, and this is true even if I remove Dashboard: the wretched thing is still on the Mac, somewhere. ALT-scroll wheel click drag doesn’t do anything.

I see from previous threads that there’s a File/User Preferences/Input option to Emulate 3 Button Mouse but that’s not really what I want to do: I dread the thought of changing all the mouse commands into keyboard commands. I’d probably screw up some vital existing keyboard command anyway. I suppose what I’m trying to do is to remap this one command, orbit, onto my mouse so that the scroll wheel isn’t involved.

Can some kind soul suggest how? It’s such a struggle to even start learning Blender and I switched to 2.5.8 as your tutorials seemed particularly helpful.


Hmmm… after sweating some unladylike blood I seem to have fixed my own problem. Heres a solution for any other Mac user.

Go to File/User preferences/Input and put a tick in the Emulate Mouse Button box. In the top right corner of that window enter the word ‘Orbit’ into the search box and hit return. This opens a set of remapping commands called ‘3D View’. Open the 5th one down: the first of the ‘View Orbit- Mouse’ buttons, by clicking on the little arrowhead next to it. Now, make sure that the following are selected: ALT, with ‘Wheel Up’ and ‘Press’ unchanged, and Orbit Left next to ‘Orbit’. In the bottom left corner of the Input window click ‘Save as Default’ and sneak out of there feeling pleased with yourself.

cough What this does, for some reason, is to remap the Orbit command to Alt-, like in Blender, but NOT to Alt-wheel click&drag.

It remaps it to Alt-left mouse button.

I suppose only the Big Blender in the Sky knows why, but it gives us what we want: use of the mouse to orbit, in a 2.49-like way, without invoking the Mac’s Dashboard.