Mac, Multiple Monitors, and Workspace Question

I’m trying to get my workspace set up similar to my old Cinema4D workflow. I have a dual-monitor setup, and managed to position my windows and panels where I wanted, saved it as a new workspace, set it to be the default and quit Blender. When I open it back up, the two windows I had positioned on my primary monitor were in place as expected, but the modelling window that I’d set up on my second monitor had placed itself on the primary monitor (i.e the one with the MacOS menu bar).

Is there any way to get Blender to remember window positions across two monitors, or should I just get used to dragging the window back over?

If anyone has any thoughts on the subject, they’d be very much appreciated!

This may be a peculiarity of the Mac version. On Windows, I did more or less the same thing and everything starts up where I put it.

One thing though, I am in the habit of closing Blender by clicking on the close button rather than Ctrl-q or using the File menu and now when I do that, I have to close the window on my second monitor by clicking on that close gadget as well. Seems I’ll have to get used to Ctrl-q to make it one neat and tidy operation.

I suspected that may be the case when Google et al came up pretty empty-handed while I was trying to solve it myself. Oh well, everything else is working perfectly so I’ll just hope it gets solved sometime in the future!

Thanks for trying it out :slight_smile:

On Mac OS, dual monitors and Blender 2.65 I experience the same behaviour. All windows gather on the “main” monitor after re-opening Blender.

Another issue for me is that I’m having problems using fullscreen mode on my main window. It works, but when I work on the main window, the second monitor/window flashes weirdly and show different issues with the gui. Big white squares flashing, when moving the mouse, text disappearing and things like that.

And thirdly, whenever I save the file in window 1, I cannot click anything anymore, until I move the mouse over to the second monitor and activate window 2 by clicking and then moving back to window 1.

I’ve tested those issues some time now and they are appearing every time I try it. I guess there is a bug with using two monitors on OS X. Not sure if I should make a bug report. Where can I check for previously submitted bugs and how to report something the right way?

I seem to remember reading elsewhere on this forum that this has to do with either video drivers or specific video cards. Which card are you using and are the drivers up-to-date?

Are you saying that with files you save in Windows you can’t select anything when you open them on your Mac?

You can always check the Bug Tracker. Maybe someone else has already reported it. If not, then this might be a good idea after exhausting other possibilities.

On Windows windows management is simplified by having the option to use the windows key plus the cursor keys to quickly move windows to a second or third screen, snap to 50% of a screen, and so on.

Unfortunately, on a Mac I always miss these options, and windows management in Finder is very clunky and imprecise. Fortunately, a simple utility will help you organize your windows on a mac in the same manner:

One flick of a key, and your Blender window will move to the other window. Saves time and effort. As a Mac user you deserve it :wink:

edit Before I forget: WinSplit is an open source (and free!) version that extends Windows management quite a bit. I use it myself, and it also supports controlling the opacity of any window and whether it should stay on top. I like the fact no installation is required: portable version available. :slight_smile:

ps why is it that mac users always tend to have to pay for these type of helpful utilities?

I didn’t know that and I’ve been using Windows since 3.1. Thank you. :slight_smile:

That’s pretty cool. I’ll check it out. Again, thank you.

Perhaps because the prevailing ‘wisdom’ is that Mac users will pay because they spent more to begin with by buying a Mac. I’m just guessing. You’d think it would even out eventually somewhere.

Ha, excellent question. I don’t think that trend’s going to go away anytime soon with the push to distribute everything through the App Store.

Thanks again to everyone who looked into this for me!

I’m using an AMD Radeon HD 6970M 2gb. Up until now I’ve only installed what Apple puts in their system update, but I will check if there is any more recent driver by the manufacturer.

No, I meant “blender window 1 on my main monitor” and “blender window 2 on the second monitor”; was a typo. It’s pretty weird, but probably again is an issue with the gui or the gpu. I work on one blender window and then hit save file. When saving is complete I want to continue working on my scene, but nothing is selectable, all buttons and objects and even the application window frame is “inactive”. I have to move my mouse to my second monitor and click on the second blender window, and then move back to my main window to get everything to “unfreeze”. Happens every time with every blend file, but only if it has two separate windows open.

Thank you. I’ll check that.