Mac OpenGL Driver Issues are Fixed in 2.48 RC1!

I don’t know it it’s just me but in 2.48 RC1, all the problems I usually get with Mac OpenGL Drivers(Backround image distortions) are gone! Who did it? Apple’s 10.5.5? Blender 2.48 RC1? Either way, it rules! YAY! Is it the same for all of u? Really great now… Finally Lightsabers on Mac using Blender! :smiley:

Nobody interested?

hey, I wasn’t going to download the RC until it was passed, but what you said interested me, and you right!

Background images and the node thumbnails all display as they did in ver. 2.45…

wayhey the coders, roll on the final release.


Ah great!

I pass that to my students …

I almost leaped for joy at the sight!