Mac or PC for Blender ? help please

I decided to buy a new computer for work with Blender (and daily use).

My budget is 900$ (I would not go over budget).

Operating system: Mac OS X or Windows (I had Windows all my life but I am thinking about change to OS X now.)

I want to create in Blender (for an idea due to the PC request):




Question 1: Will this Mac mini do the trick?

1.4GHz Mac mini 580$

1.4GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 (4 threads)

4GB memory

500GB hard drive

Intel HD Graphics 5000 (ut to 1.5GB)

OS X Yosemite


2.6GHz Mac mini 820$

2.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 (4 threads)

8GB memory

1TB hard drive

Intel Iris Graphics (up to 1.5GB)

OS X Yosemite

Question 2: Are Mac minis problematic with overheating?

Question 3: Is the nVidia graphic card the best for Blender?

Question 4: Which parameters should have PC?

Thanks NuclearNutell

i dont know mac but i know who does. send jens a private message and ask him. he is the blender on mac expert and i believe handles the blender releases for mac on when it comes to mac i think jens is even better than asking ton.

Ok, I wrote JENSVERWIEBE, thanks

Honestly, at that budget I think you’d be making a poor choice to get a Mac Mini, if 3D modeling/rendering performance is in your interests. Are you talking $USD as well?

Something like this: for $480

16GB Ram would be 2x of this for $130, more than the Mac Mini

Add Windows 8.1 64 Bit for $99

And finally either a 250GB SSD"_ssd--0D9-0009-00093--Product for $169, (or a cheaper HDD)

Totals $878, leaves some for shipping and has a CPU more than 2x as fast as the Mac Mini, 2x the RAM, and a lot faster (but smaller) SSD, or a HDD if you want.

Hi zeealpal,
yes I mean USD. Thank you for your answer