Mac os Intel-only scare

Will Blender 2.43 only work fully on Mac os intel and not power PC?

Worry not, I’m sure 2.43 will be available for both PPC and Intel.

Given that the recent cvs releases have worked on PPC (even back to OS 10.3.9), I find it hard to believe the full release would be Intel only. Intel machines represent a tiny fraction of the Mac market so it would almost be a complete waste of time to code only for it.

What’s more likely, sometime, is that support for OS10.3 will be dropped :frowning:

Where did you get this prophecy from anyway?

I don’t know where you got that idea, but Mac PPC will continue to be supported for a very very long time.

the recent G5 chips are very powerfull and wil be in sure for quite some time.

Xcode can produce code for both Intel and PPC no matter the platform so even if developers switched to Intel machines, it’s not a concern. Heck they still compile Blender for Irix. :stuck_out_tongue:

As the PPC maintener, i indeed plan to support it for still a long time.

No intel replacement planned yet, and even if it was, i would keep the PPC computer.

For compatibility, we are are now at 10.3.9 and higher, and as it is no more work to support 10.3.9 than 10.4 no problem ahead. 10.2 was dropped by lack of time (specific support) but no reason to repeat that. supporting older 10.3 than 10.3.9 is impossible but the update to it is free and in any case a good idea.

Upcoming leopard wont change that situation.

More the main blender coder (Ton) is still on a PPC G5 even if i think he has now an intel laptop too.

So, no worries ahead

What got me my prophecy? has an intel and a ppc mac version. BUT: the game engine dosn’t works on the PPC version. My mistake for linking the with

Can I get a build for Mac os PPC that has bullet 2 and a working game engine?