Mac Os X 10.6 problems

I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, but as others seem to have posted issues with using Blender I decided to post this here. Sorry if this is not correct.

I’ve recently upgraded from Mac Os X 10.4 to 10.6, and (unsurprisingly) I am experiencing a variety of problems.

Some information:
I have an old white plastic Macbook.
I tried various versions of blender (including 2.5, who glitches less but causes kernel panics as well), combined with various versions of python.

Among other things, what I get the most frequently is:

  • Blender works fine for a while

  • An odd multi-colored bar appears on the top part of the menu bar (often when switching between modes). When I attempt to take a screen shot, it disappears.

  • From that point, selection in edit mode starts bugging horribly (doesn’t select/selects the wrong thing/etc.) To top it off, kernel panics happen “randomly”.

Does anyone have similar issues and more importantly, does anyone know if it is possible to fix them?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

I’m running 10.6.1 on an imac and I’m not seeing these problems. The only graphic issues I have are the border select mode can sometimes not work and sometimes the buttons in the button panels can disappear when pressed.


I’m getting the border select problems as well, although these are pretty endurable.

It’s odd how most people don’t seem to have issues…

What’s odd is how inconsistent the problems are, even across our little mac world.

I thought Apple computers were all about consistency - clearly Blender disproves this.

Does anyone else have any idea? :frowning:

What graphics card are you using? (open ‘System Profiler’ from the Utilities folder in Applications, and click ‘Graphics/Displays’)

The ‘odd multi-colored bar’ problem sounds somewhat similar to the problems lots of people were experiencing on MacBooks with intergrated Intel graphics cards and Leopard 10.5.4+. As far as I know the only solutions were to dual boot a Linux distro (and run blender there), run Linux in a Virtual machine or get a special build from graphicall which fixed these problems, but caused others.

Does the odd multi-coloured bar look anything like this?

Sounds like it is over heating then crapping out.

Nat: I do have one of those horrible graphics card, although the bars are horizontal and appear on the menu bar.

I’ll try installing Ubuntu I guess.

Atom: Overheating? That could make sense, although wouldn’t explain why the problem persists for the same document even when the computer is cooled. (Not sure if I said so in the original post).

It might explain the Kernel Panics however (is that possible?). I haven’t thought of that. Would there be any way to verify?

Windows has temperature monitors “speedfan” and such, Mac must too?

If it is an old laptop, try closing it and gently squishing it back together using firm pressure on all sides. I had an old thinkpad whose LCD would flake out and just by squeezing it, I could get it to work again.

The problem is that the bars aren’t related to the screen: they only appear for blender, and go away when using other apps.

Which is really odd.

I don’t have a mac, but I’ve found these two:

They’re both free it seems.

Sorry, but I don’t really trust these exotic ways of “fixing” computers (whether laptops or desktops).
If a machine has H/W problems maybe it’s because it’s covered with dust, has bad contacts and could use some cleaning, or it has moving parts and could be fixed with just a few fingers and a screwdriver :wink:
As for overheating, it’s generally a structural problem (as in “badly designed or built computer that inhibits heat dissipation”) or it’s caused by a dying/dead fan.

if it is overheating you can check it with iSat

(it’s a free Dashboard widgit)

But it should be pretty easy to tell if it’s getting hot
the fan will be going like crazy and it will be emitting…heat

(if it is getting hot - try cleaning the dust like mentioned above)

I am running Blender on 10.6.1 and I only have a few minor Graphics Problems
-Box select takes about a second after you click to start the selection
-and the window borders sometimes flash when you mouse over them

but that isn’t bad considering I got a free 15 gig back on my HD upgrading to SL

And that’s abnormal or bad how? Just like PSU fans on desktops, these laptop fans work as exhausters. They remove the warm air from inside. In other words, they emit heat. Now, a lot of heat could be bad, not just heat.

@Red Nelb
If heat is really problematic, you could try applying thermal grease.

yes - it’s not hard to tell if it’s emitting too much heat

oh my god my pants are on fire…it’s hard to type through the flames
maybe I shouldn’t have disabled my fans

…oh the humanity!!

I have spent only a couple hours with Blender 249b and Snow Leopard.

For the most part things work great. The only wierd things I noticed was in saving…after I saved a project, the file window didn’t want to leave; it’d pop right back and just the act of mousing around the interface seemed to trigger it; like there were lots of hot spots sensitive simply to the cursor being near them.

While I wouldn’t pound Apple for failing to be perfect, Snow Leopard is a more significant upgrade than “experts” have said. The major things are not eye candy but under-the-hood improvements, notably the stripping out of all PPC code.

There are bound to be issues.

I just wanted to know if anyone else is having issues like the one I described above?