Mac OS X "Lion" — any issues foreseen with Blender 2.5+?

curious to know whether all the new GUI whiz-bang will break anything with Blender…I’d probably buy Lion right off, but would shelve it until it’s clear any major problems are solved…



I wouldn’t think so. I’ve never had any problems with any previous OSX updates and I don’t see any great changes in the underlying OS between Snow Leopard and Lion.

actually blender works pretty perfect on OSX compared to win. try blender with a ati card on win :slight_smile:
the new “fullscreen apps” with no menu bar, is working currently with blender thanks to GHOST:

it will prolly work flawless.

apple should be thankfull for all the OSS and FOSS developers making apps work on OSX; compared to commercial software… only nuke is working cross platfrom

XSI is broken, (tried it on linux on my imac and it had texturing problems, c4d works, but only on mac… maya might work haven’t tried)

blender is a blessing in a crossplatform awesomesauce packaging.

awesomesauce packaging, eh? you better copyright that, quick!

awesomesauce t-shirt already exists :frowning:

ah, yes…and I see it’s in the urban dictionary as well…where the heck was I?

bare in mind that you buy lion only through app store and once it downloads it installs automatically.

Also I dont understand aemartin post. Apple should be thankful to OOS developers ? Why ? As matter of fact macs have always been premium priced product, which of course made starving users avoid them. And its those users that are more likely to use OOS since they cannot afford the commercial products.

Actually the recent grown in OOS development is that many of those developer love to work on macos because of its simplicity and clean approach. I dont think Apple per se cares much or dislike OSS. Well beside being the big driving force behind HTML5 , but even in that case they have the reason( see Flash) .

To their defense however MACOS supports OSS since unlike windows and like Linux comes with many languages preinstalled and even separate libraries that give access to those languages directly to native macos libraries. Take for example python, or ruby .A strategy that Microsoft has tiny interest following. There is even loads of documentation to get any OSS started even if he decides not to use Objc.

So its not Apple who must be thankful to the OSS developers but the developers to Apple. Cause its the only commercial OS that actively supports OSS development, even though its closed source.