Mac OS X problems


i downloaded the Blender 2.49, Intel for Mac and I have a MacBook with 2.1 GHZ intel core Duo with 4 Gig Memory. It seems like the program quits unexpectedly very often. It seems like what i have compter wise that should be enough to do minor things, am i wrong? I’m not even doing anything fancy, I’m basically just making a sphere and trying to mold it into shapes. I’m trying to do the dolphin tutorial from the offical Blender website.

any help you can offer?

It is hard to say. If you launch Blender via the terminal, error message may remain after the crash. Post those, you might get more help.

You should be able to see all error messages recorded in the Console (Applications / utilities folder).
Clear errors, start blender, see the message after it crashes.


There have been troubles with the macbooks intelgraphics.
Maybe it’s the same on your macbook.
A search in the forum for -macbook- will give some other threads on this problem.
In this thread for example another build is offered.


Thanks everyone it looks like i’m having a common problem with a select few macs. I guess i’m the lucky one.

Is this related to the graphics bug where you see these wonderful lines and shapes while blender, and sometimes the entire system, crashes? Every once in a while I get a crash report, though they can be rather long. Should I post it here, or is there a specific part I need to post?

I’ve got about 20 of them, and I don’t want them to take up over 90% of the page.