Mac Pro 2019

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When I first saw this I thought someone had sarcasticly put an image of a grater. Like - they’re saying that this is how useful it will be. EVERYBODY uses OpenGL: phones, consoles, computers, even Nintendo. It’s open-source, so it’s not like Apple lost the licence. Maybe this is a deliberate attempt to move everyone away from an open-source standard, and other companies will follow the move to Metal, as I don’t think large corporations like to have anything that’s not locked behind a licencing paywall.


They can have all the bruteforce performance they want, but without standards they appearing arrogant and this don’t pay.
Indeed to be more coherent, they should drop their open source core OS Darwin, and put a core OS closed permanently, and also close themselves in their perfect ordinary white world mill for ever.

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Apple moved to Metal and Android is moving to Vulkan. There are no other ‘phones’. The consoles use their own technologies. Even Nintendo has a native API. OpenGL is used in computers because it is not easy to rewrite complex apps. OpenGL is legacy technology and everybody knows that sooner or later it is necessary to leave this sinking ship.


Vulkan is a sort of evolution to openGL, it continues to be open source and multiplatform.
Metal was created to chain the developers to the Apple platform, making it difficult for their software to be transferred to other platforms than Apple because they are forced to duplicate their work.
I hope that now it is more clear to those who have not understood it.

please tell me this is a meme


its not

how could you take apple seriously after that kind of move…


Yes, it seems some guys at Apple marketing are out of touch and I had a fun with this. Thanks to Apple I had a lot of fun time in the past (dongles, keyboards, ports etc.). But to be honest, professionally, I don’t give a shit. I’ll stop take Apple seriously when I’ll stop making money using their hardware/software or there’ll be a real hardware/software alternative for my work.

I don’t think they’ll have to make many of these as it’s too expensive and too late…forcing only Metal API is not good either ,as u can upgrade PCs with a fraction of the price & way more industry compatible.

That’s a perfectly reasonable price. Assuming the human being shown beside it is for a sense of scale.


Are they really trying to sell a simple metal stand for 999 dollars (which is nearly as much as an iPad Pro packed with the latest mobile hardware) :scream_cat:

I guess they’re trying to figure out how to retake the “world’s largest company” crown they quickly lost after the brief moment with a trillion dollars in value.

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who did this :rofl:

are some people really mad that we joke about the 999$ monitor stand and the 199$ vesa adaptator? i mean c’mon even the crowd augh at this

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I have to learn to keep the irony for myself, these are strange times, I wouldn’t want to risk my hide for a few jokes.
hehehe :grin: :joy:

P.S. I saw a little piece of the last apple wwdc 2019 keynote, I swear, it seemed like a religious ceremony.


Lol, cool.

I read a lot of ignorant commentaries here on WWDC 2019. The entire cluster of big name Modeling and Studio brands in Animation are all on-board with Metal 2 API. Blender will get it via AMD as Apple optimized the driver stack on those Mac only Vega VII Infinity Fabric linked cards for Metal 2.

ProRender from AMD is Metal 2 API optimized as well. PIXAR, Autodesk, Adobe, SideFX, Serif, Maxon, Blackmagic Design, Epic, RED, Avid, Unity, Founder, Redshift by Maxon to the Mac in Metal 2 API, OToy were all announced signing on and been working with Metal 2 for the past year.

Just watch the keynote. LPX and FCPX updated versions are giants on this new system.

Rackmount version is also coming this Fall.

The single biggest price gauging feature is INTEL. That custom Xeon 28 core costs $15k.

When AMD can get their APUs for Zen2+ ready Apple can cut the cord completely and reduce their prices while increasing their overall margins. Win/Win.


Everybody is moving away from OpenGL, in fact.

Metal can do 100x more draw calls than OpenGL. It is multithreaded, and frees up the CPU. Metal combines graphics and compute in a single API, which is nicer and more efficient than GL/CL, and ahead of Vulkan in this regard.

OpenGL is slow, outdated and inefficient. OpenGL is dead.


I would bet OpenGL is going to be here for a long long time

Besides it’s the Open Graphics Language whereas Metal is proprietary API owned and controlled by Apple.

Seems contrary to the spirit of free software and Blender?

THis is what you get for 6 thousand dollar.

what a total rip-off

i though that for this price you had a serious config, not at all… oh man, my consideration for apple has never been so low.


Yes, you must have your head examined if you get the base model. That is just a joke. You’ll be paying just as much for the monitor!

The thing is though, that once you get into the top-spec versions of the machine, it’s a complete monster. I had a quick look around the web, but I couldn’t find anything comparable in spec. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think that anyone is building something with that kind of power. The price is going to be literally breath-taking. I’ve seen estimates of about 40K - but then so is the spec. This is NOT a machine for any kind of casual, or for that matter, most professional users. It’s a very niche machine for a very niche market. If you seriously, actually need a machine with over a TB of RAM and 28 cores, then someone is probably paying you enough so that the cost of the machine is a footnote.

One set of comments in one article has pointed out that back in the 90’s, SGI’s indigo workstations which were sold to a similar market, were about 40K (depending on spec). That would give them a price of about 65K in 2019 dollars. Looking at that price and market, the new Mac Pro actually looks like a bargain!!! :smiley:

And without adding all the necessary price that will be necessary for the software … I don’t know, maybe the big professionals will have some advantage of some kind to spend all this amount of money … Because if it is not so, this is all fashion for elitist, and if I were a professional who cares about production, knowing that I can achieve the results I want, at better prices, I would be well aware of this. :thinking:

But it has an Apple logo and all kinds of proprietary modifications to the parts you get. Apple is just magic and it just works, this will somehow leave superior PC builds in the dust :smile:

Joking aside, the “Apple Tax” seems to be getting worse, not better. Tim Cook has been really banking on his company being a lifestyle brand and status symbol since he discovered people will actually pay over 1000 bucks on a phone.

For the record, I have the latest generation iPad for mobile games, though I did get a decent sale price on it and I couldn’t justify the Pro model’s price for what you get.