Mac Pro 2019

Yeah, if you don’t get the wheels you’re a cheapskate!

It doesn’t look like the nouveau riche are buying the Mac Pro in great numbers because the delivery estimate is still 1-2 weeks. Even the abominable Trashcan managed to extend delivery times well over a month when it was released.

I’ve checked my old FCPX haunts to see what the reception has been like and it’s virtually nil. There’s precious little interest in the Mac Pro from people it was allegedly designed for. No active threads.

Not if you see them as luxury items. That’s Apple’s strategy for its computers, it knows it can’t compete with PCs on performance/dollar ratio. Apple is a luxury brand, for some people it’s about prestige. $400 wheels are not difference than a $200 Prada T shirt. Besides, $400 is less than 1% of $50K. It’s not bad if you look at them from that perspective.

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I doubt any of those scenes were ever constructed in a way to be rendered on the GPU were they?

Creating an animated film of that quality with a huge team of people is as very long way away from what most Mograph artists’ experiences are. A relative big project for me is two months and two of us working on it. We also start from position of knowing scenes have to be rendered on the GPU or we’ll have wrestle with render farms.

With such small turn around projects there’s a limit to the amount of assets that can reasonably be created so the main task is to make relatively dull topics like finance or insurance or law and make them look as appealing as possible. The tricks of the trade are to pump a bazillion particles into the scene, take the absolute p*ss with clones, lots of camera movement, shiny objects and glow.

GPU rendering became very popular amongst us C4D artists because the above is pretty typical. There’s no way even my biggest client with the deepest pockets would every pay for a project of the scale of Spring, thankfully I’ll not have to worry about squeezing into GPU VRAM.

i don’t really care if apple is more expensive or not but i really dislike how locked down every apple product is. for example no file system access on iOS, this T2 chip thing with the SSDs and so on… why does anyone put up with this? is this the computing future we want?

A desktop computer is not a prestige object - nobody gets to see it. To me, it’s a comfort thing - I am more comfortable with a Mac than a Windows machine. The same way, some people pay extra for leather seats, AC or other comfort options in a car they drive 2hrs a day, I have no problem paying extra for a (subjectively!) more comfortable computer that I use 8hrs per day.

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Apparently I’ve been using Macs for longer than other people here :grin:
Now if you guys would take a look at this:

This questions probably can have many answers. I was a former android user myself. While some want to have the ability to install and choose the launcher of their choice and tinker with the UI - others just don’t care or see even a need for that.

One big thing iOS stands for is simplicity and security. Android is far away from that. Let’s not mention OS fragmentation - OS updates for those who don’t root their devices.

And I think for most people the way how the file system now works in iPadOS or iOS 13 is actually sufficient.

True like in Lightroom you can easily import from usb but currently not in the app export to the usb disk. But then via cloud storage (Apple adobe etc) this all works well via syncing.

Android tablets compared to the iPad Pro have more disadvantages and thus making the file manager less of a real disadvantage.

For consumers this even matters less.

But I agree with you more file exchange options like direct write to external usb would be nice.
But it never really was limiting me in my professional work either.

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I also use macs since running Macintosh is 7 - but I really do not recall the issue you mentioned - but as stated it could be that I simply had a different workflow that made it less stand out.

I would give this more time instead of instantly shooting it down. The machine just starts getting delivered now.

But I fully otherwise agree with you. Apple just wasted to much time between the macpro 2013 and now plus their neglect on software development for their pro apps.

I am still sad aperture is dead. It was a good alternative to the subscription based light room.

Apple as a company is just more and more changing not always for the good

That myth probably came from the same source as Windows get infected with virus all the time. I remember I was so cautious when I had to use Windows for the first time decades ago. Then the more I used Windows and more I realized the myth is BS. At the same time I also realized the power of Apple’s marketing machine. It has been at least 20 years since I switched from Apple to Windows, not a single virus has affected any of my PCs.

iOS does have far better privacy policy than Android.

It’s about locking down the OS and hardware and making everything as proprietary as possible so when certain components fail the user has no other option than to get it repaired by Apple, buy a replacement from Apple or if the computer is deemed too old they’ll be told they’ll have to buy a new one from, you guessed it, from Apple.

You only have to watch the AppleStore Genius expose to know there’s some shady crap going on with repairs and non-repairs at Apple. The T2’s duty is to lock out 3rd party repairers and keep the profits rolling in.

Pretty unfair claim. There nothing shady going on if you look at it from a different standpoint and include multiple aspects of what the T2 chip does and why it can impact diy repairs.

This however is a fair point and Apple could do something but privacy and security is a key feature of their product.

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I reinstalled win7 few times because of viruses. But I was also opening and downloading all kind of websites and files too.

Windows defender also became significantly better and while Microsoft has some serious update quality issue I fully support their approach to get everybody into the same win version for security reason.

Still I would not say that the thread of viruses is less an issue in today’s time.

Hey folks. The discussion here is getting pretty far afield from the original topic in the OP. If there’s nothing more to add about the actual device in question (rather than the company or its other products), then perhaps it’s time to let the thread rest.


Back on topic,

A ridiculous case design requires a ridiculous desk design…

I get that you’re infatuated by Apple and their products but you should do some due diligence.

If I were you I’d take a trip over to Youtube and watch the channels iPad Rehab and Louis Rossmann who have copious videos detailing the anti-consumer behaviour of Apple. The people running these channels serve the customers that Apple throws under the bus. Some of the cases should motivate you to adopt a more objective opinion.

I don’t care much about the Apple hardware.
If I care it is about MacOS.

The difference between you and me is that you just throw what ever negativity you have at an argument, cherry pick, and over exaggerate.

Or do you think Apple is the only profit orientated company?

Ok we Got it

For a workstation why would this be a problem? Mac pro has handles so taking it up and have it on anti static mat and gloves is important.

Seriously. I would never handle hardware with my bare hands.

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It’s amazing to think how wrong Apple got the ‘classic’ Mac Pro.

Pull the side panel release lever, the act of removing the side panel grounds the user, remove power lead, panel off, add memory, add pcie card, panel on and power lead back in, hit the power button to boot without removing every single damn cable.

Only Apple can get users to defend the indefensible, I’m pretty sure a large proportion of their users suffer with Stockholm Syndrome.