mac pro and blender working or not

Hello everybody,

After some of get into blender i came to the point where i need a better computer. So i had a look and compared some options. i finally came to the result that maybe a mac pro will be the best option.


After some search at google, blendernation and this forum i read a lot about certain problems that blender has espacially with MacOSX 10.5.6 which seems to be the most actual version. So my questions are:

Are those errors still existing or allready solved? Or is the campatibility a task for blender 2.5.

The point is that i wont buy the system right away. So i could wait until 2.5 will be released or lets say in an usable state.


What are your experiences with blender and MacOSX or Apple Machines in general

Any help and/or commit is heghly appreciated.

Thanks in advance