Mac Pro mini

Apple Working on Redesigned Mac Pro With Smaller Form Factor and Apple Silicon Chip

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That’s so cute. :blush:

I wonder how the ARM chip will compare to a similar priced machine.

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Interesting. I’m curious how the line-up of ARM-based iMacs will be, and how the chipset will perform compared to the alternatives.

With all the rants towards this current computer for what it is designed it works very well and silent.

For Apples ARM computers this will be very interesting. Intel somewhat stagnated and AMD pushed them aside.

But it seems with CPU design you will see the same soon happening like with modern computational photography.

While AMD mainly flexed muscles to beat Intel Apples SoC will explore rather optimization. On the CPU level I think they can easily over time get on the same level.

With GPU that will be more interesting since NVIDA and AMD made such jumps forward recently.

I found an article quite amuzing that stated that the latest RTX 3090 cannot be fully tested because the PC is the bottle neck.

Here again Apple has an interesting path of its optimization for their SoC by for example not using PCIe at all for their own GPU.