MAC Pro optymalization

is there going to be some how some optymalization or special drivers for mac pro and blender because i went to apple store and i instaled blender add monkey subdivided it by modiff on lvl 6 and it was lagging as hell even more then on my i5 laptop with GT620m

VBO and other stuff i have turned on i have tryed on matcaps on blender gsl etc… it was laggging on every viewport settings…

pretty sux because mac pro have 2 amd pro graphic carads and as everyone know amd is better in viewport then nvidia

A second GPU helps nothing with the viewport. It’s about as much of help as a second car will make you drive faster.

just tested it on my five years old macpro (2xXeon, 16 threads) ATI HD 5870
It is the subsurf modifier, not the GPU. Add a simple deform modifier ( values at 0)
Or just apply subsurf modifier.
Matcaps (new implementations-optimizations) work a little better than OGL shader.
This way, navigation in obj mode becomes very very smooth.
Double sided or not, irrelevant to the ATIs OGL performance.
How all these are related to ATI or nVidia drivers on different OSX versions or other OSs, I can’t say.
I’m pretty sure you are aware of all these.

Base topology is also important.
This is more important for the multires modifier (similar to subsurf performance)
The 384 subd cube (sphere like, apply) will increase performance dramatically.
I can sculpt smoothly up to 100M !! (multires)
These are the dark questions about multires and subsurf.
Nvidia or ATI, Macs or PCs, any OS… similar performance.

My point is: Don’t spend too much money for blender. You’ll get a little in most cases. RAM is the only you need, lot of it.