Mac Pro rendering


I’m planning to buy a Mac Pro, see full specs:

It has an Intel Xeon 28 cores and a AMD Radeon Pro W6800X GPU.

If I install current blender, what hardware will be used for rendering?
Can I use the 28 cores and/or can the GPU be used too? Or both?

Not sure where to find this information

“ Blender said Metal support for Macs with Intel and AMD GPUs is under development.”

Out of curiosity why not wait a year and then get the new Apple Silicon macPro ?

Intel will die out with Macs.

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I didn’t know even the xeon cpu would be replaced. But it seems the next logical step.

I really wait now!
Thx a lot

That is what I would do to be honest.
See what 2022 will bring for the Pro machines.